Going Cruelty Free

I have a little announcement today – I’ve made the decision to go cruelty free when purchasing cosmetics! This has been something I’ve been thinking about this year since I first really encountered cruelty free bloggers.

For the first few months that I started looking into cruelty free products I found the information really overwhelming. It also seemed like there were no brands that were super affordable and there seemed to be so much conflict between what people were saying.

I think the main people who made it feel like this was completely possible were Steph – The Zombie Said, Courtney – Phyrra and Tara – Cattitude & Co. Through them I found amazing resources like Logical Harmony and also discovered that Superdrug own brand products are cruelty free! I think that was probably the turning point for me, seeing that there was actually truly affordable products out there. I know LUSH and The Body Shop aren’t super premium but they’re still out of my price range for an every day shampoo/shower gel (genuinely, I was buying mine from Lidl for under £1). I think there are plenty of CF companies so as not to feel restricted and I don’t want to be contributing to completely unnecessary animal cruelty anymore, there’s no argument for me not to go CF (if there really is for you, that’s absolutely fine – I’m only just starting this! I can’t judge anyone).

How cute is this bunny mug from Llama Talks? I decided to get it as a treat for making this decision!

I’ve decided that for now, I’m not going to worry too much if a brand’s parent company isn’t CF. I know for some people, that is unacceptable but I’m just starting and can also see the argument that it does mean they see exact numbers of how well their CF brand is doing – which could lead to them buying more CF brands/changing their practices. Yeah, it’s tenuous but it’s a start!

I’m also not currently going to be trying to buy only vegan products. I get that this means they’re not truly cruelty free but small changes. Same with knowing about whether they are cruelty free in terms of modern slavery, I’m making a start to more ethical purchasing and something is better than nothing. I know for some people this means I’m disgusting and not doing enough – I’m sorry but I’m trying in the best way I can right now.

I’m not going to be perfect to start with, I’m sure I’ll make mistakes. I’m also not going to be binning all the products that I have that aren’t CF. I will try and use up everything that I can and replace with CF products. Where they are products I’m not going to use up, like nail varnish, I’m going to go through my collection and donate the non-CF products to friends and family. I am going to try and buy CF household products too.

Alongside this, again something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m going to become a proper, full-time vegetarian. Up until now I’ve largely been Pescatarian but I always said to anyone cooking for me not to worry too much but this isn’t making me happy. To the point where my mum just served up meat without apology. I do still love fish and I will probably slip up and accidentally order everything at a sushi bar before going “shit” BUT I’m going to try. I would love to give up dairy too but I don’t currently know how to have a healthy balanced vegan diet. Also, I do believe in small changes. Not only does that make it easier for me to keep up but it does still help.

I’m so excited to start sharing new content with you as I’ve been trying out so many things from the Superdrug own brand range!

xo Fleur xo


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