Why I’m Loving Aqua Aerobics

This year I’ve really been trying to get back into working out. Mainly to bolster my mental health, I find it one of the most effective ways I personally can feel less depressed on a daily basis.

My partner and I initially started with swimming. However, we found that because of the timing of the aqua aerobics class on a Tuesday we were missing out on a workout on the day I’m often most enthusiastic. So, having talked to people who had been, we decided to give aqua aerobics a go and we loved it.

I have been to several aqua aerobics classes in the past and I will say, like any class, how good it is depends on the instructor.

These are the reasons I love it so much, above most other classes I’ve ever done:

  • You’re water cooled. This sounds a bit weird but it means you can exercise harder before you feel like you’re cooking – it’s awesome.
  • You’re not just doing cardio. You’re constantly pushing against the water, so building muscle as well. I really prefer this as it feels like a better workout. There are also so many benefits to building muscle.
  • It isn’t just standard aerobics (obviously depending on your instructor’s training). We’ve had one class that’s combat, one that’s like legs, bums and tums, we’ve done circuits… We’ve used water weights, pool woggles, resistance gloves, floats… Every week can be completely different and it keeps me interested and excited.
  • It’s lower impact. There are benefits of both but especially if you’re not perfectly fit, having some lower impact exercise as part of your routine can be very helpful!
  • If you don’t feel it was a strenuous enough workout (most places) you can stay and swim after/before. We regularly swim for 10-15 minutes after our class, as it’s only a 45 minute class.
  • You’re already wet and walking out into the showers – so having a shower doesn’t feel like such a pain as after the gym can. Or is that just me showing my laziness?
  • You really can take it at your own pace. As you’re in water, no one can really see what you’re doing. So if you need to take it easier one week, or on a particular exercise you can without anyone noticing. You can also go really hard and push yourself.
  • If you are finding it too easy, you can invest in a pair of the resistance gloves to wear for the whole lesson. You’ll definitely start getting an awesome arm workout with those (again, you can find these cheaply).
  • All you need is swimwear. If you look somewhere like Sports Direct you can find one for around £10 most of the time. Obviously you’ll still need to pay for the class but you don’t need a whole outfit and trainers.
  • One final added bonus. Due to it being low impact, you’ll usually get a lot of older people in the class. Whilst they do always seem to be disturbingly fitter than me, their eyes feel a lot less judgemental and they’re rarely taking a class too seriously. I like that!

If you haven’t tried aqua aerobics I’d highly recommend it. I find it so fun and it’s really kept me wanting to go back every week! What’s your favourite exercise class? Or do you hate them all?

xo Fleur xo


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