Beauty Bay Birthday Haul

Yep, this is another post that should have been up months ago… I’m a shitty blogger *shrugs* which means I can only improve, right? I’m feeling a lot more motivated currently so hopefully you should be seeing more posts soon!

Anyway, back to the actual post! For my birthday, back in February, my bf’s father and his partner gave me a £100 Beauty Bay voucher (I’m so spoilt I know but I am really truly thankful). So here’s what I bought! This obviously isn’t sponsored & I would like to note that if you ever get a Beauty Bay voucher they have an annoying system where you can’t spend it for 48 hours. SO frustrating! (especially when it means you can’t use your birthday 10% off…)

The first thing I knew I had to buy was the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso – it really does live up to the ridiculous hype it has. If you love a shimmery peach blush, you need this.

I also decided to try a Wet Brush having heard so much about them. I think I already need another for my gym kit! This somehow manages to brush my hair without taking chunks out of it. I does work better on wet hair than dry hair (I guess the clue is in the name) so if you mainly brush your hair when it’s dry I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Otherwise, I really would.

I’ve been wanting the Makeup Geek blush in Secret Admirer for well over a year now, so I decided to bite the bullet and just get it. I’ve only used this once and it’s not my favourite, I found it so patchy. I do need to try it again having used translucent powder underneath to see if that helps. I’m really hoping it does because it’s a gorgeous shade.

I’ve been meaning to buy a smudger brush for my lower lash line for a while too. When I saw the Zoeva Rose Golden Smudger Brush and how cute it is, it went in the basket. I’ve been using this almost every day and it’s perfect for the lower lash line, I’d almost say it’s an essential for me now.

I haven’t used the Milani Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel yet as I want to finish my current one first. I’m hoping it will be good though as I’d love to have a fiber brow gel that’s easy to get my hands on. This one is also cruelty free and I’m slowly trying to go cruelty free (in fact I tried to make sure this whole haul was cruelty free).

I also chose two of the Milani Amore Matte Mattallics Lip Creams in Ravin’ Matte and Matterialistic. These are completely gorgeous. The purple (Ravin’ Matte) does need a couple of layers but they don’t seem to bunch or go gross, so that’s not an issue. I really want to buy one of the lighter shades so I can wear it for every day – I just want to wear it to work!

Finally I bought the Cover FX Custom Blot Drops. At £34 I was very on the edge about buying these and so far I regret my purchase. I do need to give them another shot but when I’ve used them I found they made me oilier and I think they broke me out. So I’m waiting for my skin to be really clear and happy before I try them again. I hope I find they work because otherwise it’ll have been a massive waste of money. I also really hate the packaging, it’s just awkward and feels a lot like I’m rubbing snot over my face – gross!

I think I did pretty well with getting loads of awesome things. Especially as I already use three items daily. What would you choose from Beauty Bay? Or just in general? I’m currently trying to convince myself that I don’t need the Sugarpill Pro Palette (I really do though, don’t I?).

xo Fleur xo


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