Boots Haul

Last Thursday Boots did a buy £50 worth of products, get £10 worth of points deal. Soooo, I figured it would make sense to stock up on essentials and buy a few new things along the way… I didn’t really intend on spending £89.06 BUT THERE WE GO 😂

It’s all things I’d have ended up buying at some point, so it’s fine, right?

It’s not the most exciting haul but you do get to see some products I love as well as some products I’m about to try out.

First of all there was an offer on L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner. I only actually saved £1.50 but it does mean I can have the conditioner I love in both the shower and in my gym bag. I liked the shampoo but I mainly bought it for the offer, I didn’t feel like buying 3 conditioners made sense…

Next I saw this 2 week L’Oreal Colourista turquoise wash out hair dye. I have a two week break from work coming up and I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year, I need this! Plus I’m super jealous of everyone playing with this range at the moment 😍

The reason I needed to go to Boots in the first place! La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo makes my skin so much better and I can tell I ran out a month ago, my skin has been horrendous. They were also on buy one, get one half price, which was a bonus!

I’m also trying a Soap & Glory makeup remover, one of the new L’Oreal clay face washes and I got the Bioré face wash to go in my gym bag.

I bought a Soap & Glory gift set in the Boots half price sale after Christmas and am now addicted to their Righteous Butter as well as the Hand Food. They actually work and I love smelling amazing.

The last time I bought a razor was 2 years ago? (I have fine hair, little of it and rarely shave) mine still works fine but I decided it was potentially time for a new one!

I find baby wipes great to have around… um, yeah.

I still can’t believe I only bought one item of makeup and such a boring one?! I really didn’t feel inspired by anything I saw, which is pretty upsetting. Anyway, I like this brow pencil and I’m about to run out of my current one so yay.

I’m still slightly in shock that I spent so much, I know I bought a lot of products but woah!

xo Fleur xo


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