Conversations about weight #6

This is essentially a continuation of my last conversations about weight post and could easily be titled shit people say or Fleur having another rant. When I was younger, skinnier and more ignorant I had a friend that called out my diet bullshit – honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me was when she told me to fuck off when I said I felt fat after a big meal ❤ SO, when I get it wrong because I’m human – call me out.

I’m not going to lie; this is inspired by comments from my mum, some of the people I work with and a few people on Twitter. If they see this, yeah, it’s kind of shitty that I don’t feel able to call you out on this in person. Soz.

This one really gets to me “They’re always exercising but they never seem to lose weight!” Maybe, just maybe they’re not exercising to lose weight? Maybe they’re exercising because they enjoy it, or is that too radical an idea? Or maybe they have lost weight but you just didn’t notice. Maybe running is their stress relief, combined with a Chinese takeaway because their life is falling apart. Maybe you just need to stop judging people on their weight.

They’ve really let themselves go!” Or “I’m hoping she’s pregnant because otherwise she’s really let herself go…” Or  “it’s not like you to put on this weight” Or “She must be pregnant. She’s not the type of person to let herself go.” Where do you even start with that? Especially if you’re stood next to someone saying those things, when you’ve also stacked on weight 👍🏻 when someone loses or gains weight, pretty much no one except them knows why and there are SO many reasons. This post explains the reasons I put on weight. Putting on weight isn’t letting yourself go, our bodies are designed to squirrel away everything we eat. We’re programmed to try and put on weight, it’s quite literally what evolution has left us with.

Then there’s a person I know who compared their potentially anorexic friend to a Belsen survivor. I can’t even go there. I’m just going to leave it here and if you can’t work out why it’s horrendous, I’m actually unwilling to help.

How good does that Dominos look? Even 5 stone lighter I had regular Dominos #JustSaying

Also, always treating weight loss as a great thing. “Ooh, have you lost weight? Fantastic!” It might not be though? Yeah, for me and my body right now, weight loss is fantastic. The health conditions I have were severely worsening and are now improving since I started losing weight. However, there are so many people who need to put on weight to have a positive impact on their health. The constant ‘ooh weight loss yay’ comments probably aren’t helpful? Please do correct me if I’m wrong ❤

Alongside the point above the comments of “oh you’re so healthy, eating … for lunch, you’re making me feel bad” insert salad, soup etc with no carbs. Are you sure thooooo? Wouldn’t it be better if it was a balanced meal? Not just some vegetables? Your sandwich probably isn’t that bad…

The constant putting down of Slimming World and Weight Watchers. Calling it ‘Fat Fighters’. So many people I know have transformed their lives using those services. What’s SO wrong with them? Why scorn people for deciding to try to lose weight, especially if you constantly scorn fat people for being fat? Feck off. I wish there were similarly easily accessible, well promoted groups like them for people who need to gain weight (I know I haven’t seen any near me).

Finally, there is no one solution for everyone to lose/gain/maintain weight. We’re all SO different. So saying “I just exercise more/less”, “you need to eat x number of calories less/more”, “you need to cut out carbs, EVERYONE NEEDS TO CUT OUT CARBS”. Ugh *rolls eyes* you do you.

xo Fleur xo


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