Etsy Wish List

I may have only just done an Etsy haul but I’m already looking at more things I want to buy! *face palm* I’ve been looking at some of these things for a really long time and others are new discoveries.
Etsy Wish List


Unicorn Print UV Leggings
£40 –

These look absolutely incredible! If I was still at uni and going to UV parties I would buy these without hesitation… I think they may have to be a treat once I’ve lost a little more weight. Also, they’re not even that expensive when you consider how much yoga/running leggings cost!

Unicorn Pin
£9.62 –

How cute is this? I’ve bought things from I Love Crafty’s Etsy shop before and they’ve been amazing (in particular I love her ‘I’m really a mermaid’ necklaces). I don’t know what I’d do with a pin badge but it’s just so cute!

California Skies Ocean Wood Phone Case
Price dependent on phone model –

I love getting new phone cases and wooden ones are just so nice to hold. I think this one looks really sleek and smart. I really like that the photo is of the ocean too.
I don’t know how I haven’t bought this already?! I mean, it’s the cutest! I’ve always loved stickers and since I started keeping a vague journal of things like which books I’ve read – I finally have something to stick them in!
Last year I got a wax melter for my birthday. I don’t love the scents you can buy in the supermarket to go in them though – I’m also left only with Christmas scented Yankee Candle melts now. This company makes ones that sound like they’d smell amazing – they’re also super affordable so I need to get on and buy some already!
Do you like shopping on Etsy? I’d love to know some of your current picks!

xo Fleur xo


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