Conversations about weight #5

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Today I helped out on a school trip to the Imperial War Museum and HMS Belfast, so I’m pretty tired but both were really interesting so it was a good day. I’m secretly obsessed with ships I swear, clearly too many trips to the historical docks in Portsmouth as a child!

This is another of my conversations about weight posts and today I wanted to talk about things that I’d really appreciate stopping. It may be a little harsh but I know several serial offenders for each!

People asking how much weight you’ve lost (and it’s probably just as annoying if people constantly ask how much weight you’ve gained). I get that they’re trying to be supportive but it’s so personal! When I’ve reached a milestone, I’ll tell people. Otherwise it’s just a bit awkward, especially if it’s after a few days where you’ve struggled and put on/lost weight. Obviously if they’re your doctor/person you’re on the same journey with that’s very different.

The aches and pains brigade! At what point did it become socially acceptable to come into work and moan all day about how your legs hurt because you ran 5 miles yesterday (when it’s someone who does that every week)? Or people poking themselves and going ‘ouch’ after an exercise class. If it’s completely involuntary because your muscles are actually destroyed/you’re covered in blisters –  yeah, I get that. Otherwise it’s just weird boasting of who managed to make themselves hurt the most.

Telling people about every single bit of exercise you do. Recently I’ve been going swimming most days, until yesterday when my boobs went flying during aqua aerobics I didn’t really feel the need to inform anyone of this! Of course, celebrate the awesome things. Celebrate the personal bests, celebrate being able to go further and get excited about trying new things! Just when it’s always the same, it gets a bit tiresome tbh.

^ that’s me feeling super awesome. EVEN if I am a size 18-20 and obese. I’ve always had to stick my chin out if I don’t want a double chin, even at the very bottom of my healthy BMI. So LOL

Calling food ‘naughty’. I’ll probably say this a million times but unless you’re a kid stealing from the cookie jar/sweet store – the food you’re eating isn’t ‘naughty’. You’re not a three year old, unless you are in which case yeah, keep calling that food naughty. It’s also not bad or evil or any of those other words. It’s just food. Some of it is arguable healthier than others but none of it is bad. Okay if it’s mouldy/rotten, then yeah it’s gone bad.

The constant ‘oh dear they’ve put on weight’, ‘they’re looking really good now they’ve lost that weight’. Or we could just not discuss people’s weight? Their weight has no bearing on whether they’re an awesome person… Also, the idea that because someone has lost weight they automatically look/feel better? Flawed. Bar the crippling acid reflux I’ve never felt more comfortable in my body.

The thought that you can’t have an indulgent weekend of eating whatever you desire without putting on a stone. Even when I was at my worst mentally this year, it took me 6 months to put on 2 stone. Six months. Okay, I am really active but it shows that it does take a long time to put on significant amounts of weight. One weekend/week/holiday isn’t going to RUIN EVERYTHING.

I think that’ll do for now 😉 Do you agree with these? Or do you think I need to chill out haha?

xo Fleur xo


5 thoughts on “Conversations about weight #5

  1. Honestly Aine says:

    I’m been entirely guilty of complaining about muscle pain – although I do tend to only do this to the people I’ve been training with – so other dancer friends that went through the same class and we have a wee moan together, although I think it’s more of a battle wounds kind of banter among friends – a comparison of blisters or bruises and sharing of tape to fix it. Or if I’ve been to the gym. Or if I’ve done squats for the first time in bloody months since I retired… shite. Need to stop that really. It’s a weird habit I’ve picked up from training, totally didn’t realise it was a shitty thing to do. I’m one of those personality types that needs external accountability to do stuff, I wonder if it’s tied to that? I feel like I need a reward for getting up of my ass. It makes me do it more. Now entirely embarrassed. Although will still likely forget and share all over again when I get excited about exercise. Sorry, it’s never meant in malice, I just don’t have many other folks nearby to share with now I work from home. At least I don’t do the other stuff…tiny win.

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    • floribundar says:

      Haha aww I think it’s fine to share with the people you’ve been training with or when you’re genuinely in pain. I know when I’ve been for a painful bike ride with my OH we’ll complain like mad to each other 😂 It’s more the people who really aren’t in pain but just want the attention and to boast about the exercise they did?
      And I think via twitter is very different to when you have to listen to someone poking themselves then groaning all day at work 😂😂

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      • Honestly Aine says:

        Very true. I couldn’t be dealing with that sort of nonsense – I’d show them my ruined feet and tell them to get a grip. Or punch them in the sore bit to see if it helps lol. OK feel a bit less guilty. Thank you x Will remember to not be a dick about it though moving forward in case!

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