Film Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Having seen the film Hacksaw Ridge on Tuesday, I really wanted to post a review of it on my blog. I thought the film was absolutely incredible, so thought I’d take a break from my normal content! Maybe I can review more random things in future…

I’m not going to discuss the plot because I think the trailer gives the perfect insight into the film, which isn’t always the case with trailers!

Hacksaw Ridge shows war in a way I know I’ve never felt before. I know Saving Private Ryan is supposed show how awful war can be but, obviously apart from the initial rush, it feels like you could cope, could survive war. With Hacksaw Ridge that definitely isn’t the case. It shows this terrifying, beyond loud, absolutely impossible situation where their survival seems completely out of their hands. It is a situation which I would never want to be in and makes PTSD appear almost a logical conclusion.

Hacksaw Ridge also shows the amazing contrast of how wonderful humanity can be against how awful, how destructive, how horrifying we can be. That it is a true story only makes that resound even more. I think stories like these need to be told, to remind us of all the courageous people who have done incredible things. It’s inspiring that someone could be so courageous and strong, to stick with their principles no matter what was thrown at them.

If you watch the trailer and are interested in the story, go and watch it. It is brilliantly acted and directed. It is horrifying and uplifting in equal measures, it may leave you feeling emotionally drained like it did me but aren’t those the best films?

xo Fleur xo



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