Conversations about weight #4

So, it’s officially February and hopefully that means the toxic January diet talk will have ended or come close to ending. I’m really hoping it will. I swear my heart hurt when I saw a colleague mentally beating herself up about eating a doughnut.

I may be trying (and succeeding) to lose weight to improve my health but I’ll keep eating chocolate, pizzas and onion bhajis without guilt thanks. On which note, if you didn’t get to try Dominos Indian pizzas you really missed out, it was a few years ago now and I still miss it. Having onion bhajis on a pizza? It was the best thing ever.

I don’t know why but this January I kept thinking about the show ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’ – possibly one of my mumma’s favourite TV shows and therefore one I unfortunately saw a few too many times. The entire idea of the show is slightly horrifying now I think back on it but the line that keeps popping up in my mind is this one:

“You’re so skinny and eating so little that your body is eating itself.”

I am paraphrasing here but I just remember thinking about that phrase and finding it the most awful concept. I mean, eating itself, blergh.

YET when people are losing weight, regardless of what weight they start at – their body is eating itself. Instead of using the food we’ve eaten for energy, we’re eating ourselves. It’s just a natural part of being human. If we don’t use our muscles enough we start breaking them down. In fact, our bodies are constantly breaking down old cells and making new ones… So, yeah.


Onto something else that’s been bugging me, I’m so done with people saying ‘oh fat people just need to move more’ or even ‘they need to get off their arse and move’. Below are my steps for last Monday-Saturday, tell me again how I’m not moving enough?

Being fat doesn’t mean I’m not (relatively) fit and active! I know when I did have a healthy BMI, I was often outpaced in exercise classes by people who were (most likely, like I am now) obese.

I hope your January went well and the constant dieting talk wasn’t too stressful, whether you’re trying to lose, gain, maintain or don’t give a flying fuck about your weight ❤️

xo Fleur xo


5 thoughts on “Conversations about weight #4

  1. Dani says:

    Very true! Think this has been the first January where I haven’t felt the need to curb my eating based on what friends and colleagues are doing… although I try to eat a balanced diet anyway, it was satisfying tucking into two pitta breads/ a Subway/ leftover risotto for lunch while my coworkers ate salads! It’s funny how we get sucked into that diet culture…

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    • floribundar says:

      That’s awesome 🙌🏻 I must admit I found the first day back at work after Christmas interesting for that! I had leftover lasagne, with some salad, it was incredible. One colleague had half a tin of soup, the contrast was pretty stark!


  2. LauraDaisyChain says:

    I love you for these posts!

    I never thought the body eating itself theory was true until this year when I was told my heart had started to shrink because of it…honestly, if I could transport myself instantly to a healthy weight, even over weight and not have all of this damage I’d be there. Now!


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