Things That No Longer Bother me now I’m 26

I had a twitter convo the other day about pooing in public loos and it made me realise that this is something that no longer bothers me! Which made me start thinking about all the other things that I’ve slowly managed to get over.

Pooping in public toilets – you know what, I used to hate this but since I developed mild IBS if I have to poo I have to poo. I have had a hilarious horrified look from someone who obviously heard the joyous IBS – soz can’t really help my exploding arse. Also, unless there are bodily fluids everywhere, I will sit on the seat rather than hover. I’m a scientist, skin is a pretty effective barrier!

Caring about making things from scratch – this used to be a big deal for me, I thought I was so impressive for making pasta sauce from scratch… I’ve been making meals from scratch since I was 9 though and I’m kind of over it. If you’re inviting round someone you’re trying to seduce 😉 yeah making something from scratch rather than cooking pasta with a jar of pasta sauce might be better. Also, it’s probably healthier to make things from scratch but honestly? I’m not going to be impressed with that thing that took 5 hours to make, unless it’s actually good and even then… eh.

The kind of food I like to cook may be from ‘scratch’ but it takes 15 minutes. Quick and easy, served with some garlic bread from the shops.

Whether I drink alcohol – I’ve been on medication where I wasn’t allowed to drink. I’ve had acid reflux so bad for long periods of time which meant I couldn’t drink. At the moment there are very few things I can drink without either feeling depressed AF the next day or getting acid reflux. If I want to drink, I will. If not, no one is going to shame me into feeling bad about that!

Being home alone – I kind of covered this last week. As an only child, I’m pretty used to being home alone and I’m glad that I haven’t lost that.

Being naked in the gym changing room – I don’t even care anymore. I’ve joined the ranks of the old ladies and just get changed without trying to hide everything. We all have the same bits, if my body is that horrifying… ah well! Having said that, when I change at the same time as the kids going into swimming lessons I do use one of the two cubicles. That’s because I feel kind of weird & mainly really don’t want to see a naked child! Blergh.

Caring what people think of my life choices – this is a lot easier when I have good life progression news like ‘I’ve just finished my masters’ but overall I’m slowly learning not to care. I’m choosing a life that makes me happy. A life that includes lots of makeup, blogging, computer games and cuddly toys. Bar my job which I’m no longer loving, I’ve got a life that is so wonderful for me.

Being a domestic goddess – I don’t think this was ever really going to be me but I did have a phase of baking for everyone and keeping house. As long as I don’t have a house like the houses I hated, I’m good – the ones where I didn’t want to accept a drink because the glasses didn’t look clean. There’s a reason a dishwasher is my favourite purchase of the year 😛

Plus one bonus item that has started bothering me more: not taking my makeup off. If I’m being honest baby wipes and falling asleep with said baby wipe still in my hand were a large part of my uni experience. Since then I’ve started getting a lot better and now I don’t like the couple of days a month where I use a makeup wipe!

Are there any things you’ve managed to get over? Or things that have started bothering you more?

xo Fleur xo


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