Having A Beauty Advent Calendar – 4 Days In 

This year, in a moment of madness I bought a £70.70 Look Fantastic advent calendar full of beauty bits. £70. And 70p.

Tbf I got a Glossybox for about 3 years and this calendar only cost as much as about 5 and a half of those. This is SO much better.

As you can possibly see from my face, I’m beyond excited about opening this calendar – it also gives you as idea of how freaking large it is! I’ve had to put it in my study as there is nowhere else it’ll fit…

It is a calendar that ends on the 25th December, which is so much nicer than ones that end on the 24th – I need something to open as soon as I wake up on Christmas morning 😂 This also means it works out as £2.80 per item. You would get a few more items if you opted for a Glossybox/similar subscription but I found that experience far less exciting.

So far I’ve received the Pixi Glow Tonic, a Rituals body lotion, an Inika blush and the This Works Sleep+ Pillow Spray. These are either things I’ve wanted to try or things I’ll definitely use. Perfect.

I think the most wonderful thing is how excited this calendar is how it’s making me excited for every single day! I actually want to get out of bed in the morning, even when I’m beyond tired. I keep saying that this is a one off purchase and I’ll never buy something so extravagant again but honestly it’s the best thing I’ve bought myself all year.

If you’ve been debating getting yourself a beauty advent calendar each year since they started making them – go for it next year. Seriously. Especially because there are more affordable ones out there – which is what I’ll probably go for next year! I can’t imagine a better present to myself 💕

Did you buy yourself a beauty advent calendar? If so, which one? Aren’t there so many gorgeous ones out there?

xo Fleur xo


10 thoughts on “Having A Beauty Advent Calendar – 4 Days In 

    • floribundar says:

      Definitely! I can’t remember who I saw blog all its contents but I remember just immediately wanting it and buying it 😂 clearly going to end up buying one again next year – I’ve never been this excited! Xox

      Liked by 1 person

  1. labelslisaloves says:

    I didn’t get one this year, I sent one to a friend instead. I have totally missed out but tis the season for spreading good cheer. I love reading all the blogs even if they all make me go ah man, I should have spoilt myself. I will definitely get one next year x


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