Reasons I’m Excited for Christmas

I’m currently learning to love Christmas. The last time I saw my father I was wearing a Santa hat and decorating a Christmas tree. This isn’t too sad as it’s my choice I haven’t seen him since (one day I’ll talk about this on here) but it’s still a little painful. I’ve also spent Christmas in so many different places that I don’t really have any Christmas traditions, I’m slowly working on that… To an extent I also find it hard now I no longer have my strong belief in God and the transition to celebrating Christmas without religion has been interesting. I’m very lucky to have an OH who loves Christmas and making it special, so I thought I’d list all the amazing reasons I’m excited this year:

  1. I get to spend time with family that just doesn’t happen as much during the rest of the year. This is so special and wonderful ❤
  2. Going to Christmas markets. I LOVE these so much! It’s also another lovely way to spend time with friends/family/loves.
  3. Board games! Is it just me or do these mainly come out at Christmas? I love them and I love spending time with my favourites playing them.
  4. I get two weeks off work – as I work in a school, I still get that lovely long holiday.
  5. I’m going to see Frozen on ice on the 22nd of December, this is clearly going to be one of the highlights of my year.
  6. Christmas makeup, I love gold, red, glitter, everything festive. I want to try the candy cane eyeliner this year, it’ll probably be a mess but it’ll be fun.
  7. Festive food. Yes, it’s excessive but it’s so delicious.
  8. Mulled wine/mulled fruit juice/mulled everything/spiced everything. Just give me the warm spiced drinks ok? Ooooh the festive coffee is pretty awesome too.
  9. Getting to snuggle up and watch Christmas films. I love being sat on the sofa with my hot water bottle and blanket at this time of year and Christmas films make me so happy.
  10. Buying gifts for everyone at once. I find birthday’s tend to sneak up on me so I’m rarely prepared. So whilst it can be a little stressful money wise, I love thinking up gift ideas and shopping for other people, preferably online though…
  11. Lights. I love fairy lights all year round but during the holiday season everyone has them up! It makes places look so much more beautiful.
  12. Singing Christmas songs. For me this mainly means carols, having been part of a choir for most of my life they’re the songs that stuck for me.
  13. The slightly tacky jumpers. They’re awesome and I hope they’re here to stay – they make Christmas Day so comfortable!
  14. Winter scented candles, it feels so right burning candles during winter and the scents are perfection.
  15. I feel justified in having evenings/days not doing very much at all. It’s dark outside and reading/film watching/sleeping becomes a lot more socially acceptable than during summer where you can’t waste that sunshine haha.

I’d love to know what you’re all looking forward to? Do you celebrate Christmas? If not do you still do some of these things?


xo Fleur xo


4 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Excited for Christmas

  1. jennifer fong says:

    i really love xmas and there were some negative times associated (my parents got divorced around that time) but my extended family really rallied around me and my brother to make us feel the cheer that year. i love them for that. because we have stronger family traditions, its always a great time.
    i’m glad you’re growing in your excitement for it! better to have positive than negative associations, right?
    (and i LOVE xmas songs…likes too much, maybe)


    • floribundar says:

      Aww that’s so nice to hear! Divorce is bloody hard and it’s lovely when people help make it easier.
      Definitely better to have positive associations and I’m getting so many each year now – it’s perfect.
      Haha, that’s not possible! I guess unless you play them all year round? Xx


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