Review: Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals Palette

As I said last week, in my Makeup Revolution Haul I wanted to review this eye shadow palette separately simply because it is so fricking good. Just a quick reminder, this palette is only £6.99…

First of all the packaging is great. The palette is made from solid plastic, so won’t bend or break down and you can wipe it clean. It has a strong closure, meaning it will be ideal for travelling. It also has a massive, proper mirror – none of those plastic, bendable mirrors here.

Also, the brush it comes with isn’t half bad. The first look I created using this palette, I used only the brush it came with and it turned out just fine. It has one flat end for packing on product, or it is great for gently blending shadows on the lower lash line. I’ve actually used it regularly and am loving the small size for more precise looks. Let’s put it this way – I prefer this brush to the one that came with the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.


Then there is the selection of shades. You can create a warm look, a cool look, you can use both… There are perfect base shades, transition shades, highlight shades and some gorgeous shimmers. I would say that the very slightly shimmery shades do look more matte once applied, which I like. My only disappointment is that the 4th shade on the top row, the orange, isn’t matte. However, it is absolutely stunning so *shrugs* I’ve still been using it most days I’ve used this palette.


The quality of these shadows is amazing. They are an ideal level of pigmentation – really pigmented but not so pigmented that they instantly have fallout all over your face. On top of this they feel super silky, they blend well and stay put all day long – even on my oily eyelids. They stay put through a full day of work AND a nap – that’s pretty amazing to me 😉

This palette is also ideal for creating so many of the currently popular eye shadow looks. I can’t recommend it enough, if you like the shade selection and don’t already have all those shades in your collection, this is a pretty perfect palette.

xo Fleur xo


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