Today and the US Elections

This post isn’t going to be the one I had planned. There are so many things to talk about today but I’m going to talk about this tweet:

This is everything. Yet so many people, just in the first few comments were saying ‘and the young boys’ and ‘don’t forget the boys’ and no.

Today young girls (and sadly, women who’ve seen it before) saw a man who wasn’t qualified for the job, get given the job.

Today girls were told that they’ll work their asses off and be passed over. That they’ll be more qualified than ANYONE ever has been and they won’t get chosen.

The young boys of the world were shown that they can be actually quite unsuccessful, be completely unqualified and STILL get the job.

Today is about telling the girls who were excited and hoping for a female president that even though it didn’t happen this time, that they could still hope to and potentially achieve that goal if they wanted to. The boys already knew they could become president if they wanted, every single president has been. I will shout out to the boys who aren’t represented by the endless stream of white presidents, Obama was a step in the right direction but we’ve all got such a long way to go.

Today is about trying to tell girls that they are VALUABLE. They aren’t just a pussy to grab.

This was a moment for Hillary to tell girls the world over to keep trying.

I’m not going to say any more other than to send all the hugs and love to everyone who is feeling like curling up in a ball and not coming out for 4 years. Our feelings are valid. I live in the UK, even around the world our feelings are valid. Hopefully we can use the pain, anger, sadness, all of it, for good. Tomorrow is a new day, it was already an uphill struggle and we’ve taken so many steps back today but we can change the world.

xo Fleur xo


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