Conversations About Weight #2

Today I thought I’d talk about the reasons I put on weight. Everyone has different reasons and I think it can be interesting (and potentially eye opening for all those people who bash people for putting on weight).

Initially, I started putting on weight when I moved into a flat with my OH. I started spending more time with him because it was so easy to do so, and less time at the gym. I didn’t  eating less though, so I started putting on weight. Christmas was also far bigger, with more family to see.

Then whilst studying, working and training for the Moonwalk – my granny died. I didn’t take this well and we ended up having lots of meals out, slowly putting on more weight.

To add to this, we were also house hunting, then moving house. All whilst I was supposed to be studying for an exam, which in the end I had delayed. Let’s just say that I spent the school summer holiday of 2015 lying on the sofa sleeping/staring at the wall.

Having finished my exam, a few days later I started my next module of my Masters. I wasn’t mentally ready for this at all! We kept eating out and having takeaways. This really wasn’t helped by having no dishwasher and a boiler that didn’t have a separate control for heating and water. So washing up kind of because a once a week thing – don’t judge us too much 😉

By the end of Christmas I was over 14 stone and determined to lose weight.

As you can see this was actually going relatively well, with lots of ups and downs, until July. This was when I really started having to finish my masters! I spent the entire summer battling my depression and to be honest made the decision that my weight didn’t matter. Food was the one thing making me and keeping me happy – so of course I was going to keep munching!

Now it’s been just over a month since I’ve finished my masters, I finally feel ready to start tackling my weight and fitness again.

For me, my weight and mental health go hand in hand. I was brought up to comfort eat and I really do!

I hope you found this somewhat interesting… What makes you put on or lose weight?

xo Fleur xo


5 thoughts on “Conversations About Weight #2

  1. LauraDaisyChain says:

    100% agree that stress and mental health go hand in hand! The second my stress levels begin to rise my appetite vanishes, but when I’m really happy and relaxed I go to town and really relax around food and find myself actually enjoying it!

    Yet another truly brilliant post Fleur xx


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