Autumn Haul

At the start of Autumn I was feeling a little excited for the change in season but very unenthusiastic about changing my makeup up. I wanted to just continue wearing spring/summer makeup. Which I definitely could have done but I usually really enjoy mixing it up and I had got into a bit of a rut with my makeup choices.

So, I was looking to buy some new makeup items to inspire me! I was mainly on the look out for a teal lipshade that I could pair with orange eye makeup. I want to be a pumpkin already! When I saw the LA Splash lipstick I knew I had to buy it and then with shipping being free with a little extra spent… you know how it goes. How cute is all the packaging?

The autumnal shades πŸ‚ L-R: Makeup Geek Flamethrower, Tiki Hut & Cherry Cola then LA Splash Catrina.

I found the LA Splash Catrina liquid lipstick in stock on Beauty BayΒ and it’s still in stock if you fell in love with it at first sight like I did.

Makeup Geek Blacklight isn’t particularly autumnal but I know it’s going to come into its own once winter arrives.

I also decided to support two of the awesome people I follow on Twitter. I bought the gorgeous autumnal sticker from Jem (Jem’s Journal – you can find her on Twitter here, she’s amazing) – they’re too pretty to use though!

The quote print is from Jemma (her Etsy is Dorkface Shop which you can find here). I’m hoping to redecorate my study really soon, including a wall of pictures and quotes. This one being rose gold and a quote from my favourite film? It’s perfect.


I hope you enjoyed this little collective haul! I’m loving everything I bought so far, especially the liquid lipstick – it’s magical.

xo Fleur xo


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