Straight Hair v Curly Hair

I had a really interesting conversation the other day that ended in the ‘we’ll agree to disagree’ comment – which to me is a terrible way to end a discussion. So I thought I would continue it here 😛 It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half deadly serious.


This is a picture of my hair when I’ve dried it straight. Still not straight, still starting to frizz. Oh, it’s also after I’ve used four styling products including frizz easing serum to try and tame it.

The whole ‘curly haired people always want straight hair and straight haired people want curly hair’ has been a generic statement flung around my entire life. I feel like this isn’t necessarily true but everyone goes and says it anyway. On a day-today basis I’m pretty chilled about how my hair is – some of it is wavy, some curly and a few pieces are almost straight. After years of learning, I can now get it to do what I want, most of the time.

In general I’d like the straight haired gang to chill on the wanting curly hair. Apart from straight haired people who cannot physically get their hair to hold a curl – I totally get you, don’t wish for curly hair though, wish for straight hair that can hold styling. This is why:

  1. Naturally curly hair seems so unacceptable in so many situations in our society. I’m not necessarily talking the level of tamable curly I have but I feel for anyone with full curls.
  2. Do you know how much of a nightmare curly frizz is? Have you seen that episode of Friends where Monica’s hair turns into an animal? Have you tried going to a spinning class only to discover that your hair turns into a curly halo of hell sticking a metre out all round your head? Straight hair might get frizzy but it’s not a disgusting looking frizz, curly frizz looks effing gross on me.How I look after facilitating a waterbirth! #humidity:
  3. Caring for curly hair is a mission. If you want to dry it straight you’ll usually need to use a whole different set of products to if you want to dry it curly. From the shampoo up.
  4. I probably have one actually good hair day a month. I’m not even joking. It’ll usually be when I’ve heat treated the fuck out of my hair. In fact my good hair days are so rare, I can actually remember them with excitement. Hahahahaha!! It feel a bit humid out here... Don't touch my hair. Seriously, it's going to frizz if you do.:
  5. The kind of curls you get when you have curly hair aren’t the beautiful big, bouncy ones. They’re the kind where it always looks a tiny bit messy. Which can be lovely but sometimes it’ll be hideous. Oh and if you try and get them to look less messy, you’ll usually ruin the curls.
  6. Every day is different. I used to wear my hair curly all the time and you just never know how it’s going to turn out. Usually it’ll be fine but sometimes… Nah.
  7. To keep the curls you either need to let your hair dry naturally, which is sometimes glorious and sometimes a frizz hell. Or you need to use a diffuser attachment – which will mean drying your hair takes roughly double the time.
  8. Even a ponytail is a mission. There is always that one bit of hair that isn’t quite straight enough and gives you that weird bumpy look. Straight haired people only seem to get that when their hair is greasy AF.
  9. Having a bad hair cut when you’ve got curly hair is so much worse. I had a hair cut that made my hair stick out at 90 degrees from my head because it was cut at just the wrong length.
  10. Don’t get me started on fringes. I had a fringe for a year, I’m never even considering it again because of the amount of effort it took every day.
  11. In fact there are so many hairstyles I’ve wanted but know I can’t have.
  12. If having curly hair was such a boon, I’m pretty sure the market for hair straighteners would be a lot less… Just saying.

All in all, yeah, I wish I had straight hair because on a day-to-day basis it would make my life so much easier and my hair would look much more attractive. The amount of time and money I could save if I had straight hair. Also, when I want curly hair… I usually curl it using a tong anyway, just like people with straight hair because you know what – it guarantees beautiful curls!

Let’s not forget how ugly I felt every single day growing up with curly hair. The day I got straighteners and could go to school with sleek, pretty hair was life changing for me. I’ve only known one person who could truly pull off her natural curls whilst looking beyond glamorous. Even then, she grew her hair longer a few years ago and spent a while looking a lot more like how I feel on a daily basis.

So no, I can’t agree to disagree with straight haired people who want curly hair. You don’t know what you’re wishing for. OR go get a perm already.

xo Fleur xo


2 thoughts on “Straight Hair v Curly Hair

  1. LauraDaisyChain says:

    I used to have dead straight hair as a child then lost a lot through illness and it grew back curly! Now I can’t decide which I like more, at least these days it is easier to switch between the two even if it’s time consuming! xx


    • floribundar says:

      *hugs* and dead straight hair is defo hard 💕 since being on a million diff meds my hair has become a lot straighter than it used to be. Which is a relief, it used to be impossible. I honestly think it’s the frizz that gets me down the most. Genuinely makes me want to throw up that it’s so ugly sometimes 😭 (I’m ridiculous I know) xx


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