Current Favourites

Since I re-started blogging back in February I haven’t got round to doing a current favourites post, so I thought it was well beyond time that I did so. I don’t want to start doing monthly favourites posts as I don’t use enough different products / try enough new things for that to be worthwhile.

We’ll start off with the non-beauty favourites. Since I spent the entire summer reading and writing my masters project, snacks became an important part of my life. Essential even!

The Candy Kittens Sweet Pineapple gummy sweets are not only delicious but vegan too. Whilst I’m only a (slightly rubbish) pescatarian, I’m trying to do my best to eat only veggie/vegan sweets. So finding these ones so readily available (I know Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stock them) was amazing! They really have very little difference in consistency to regular gelatine containing sweets and the flavour is amazing. I’d highly recommend them – also from semi-regular posting about my love for them on Twitter it looks like they’re going to be releasing other vegan flavours in the near future!

The Kettle Bites Mozzarella and Pesto Lentil Curls were another Waitrose find and oh myyyyy. These are delicious, they’re apparently only 97 calories per bag and they’re full of punchy flavour.

My amazing OH bought me the little selfie ring light, he got me the one from Demetory on Amazon that is £15.99. It has adjustable light levels and is rechargeable using a USB. Whilst already so useful I can tell that it is going to come into it’s own for taking blog photos as autumn arrives!

So, onto the beauty favourites! Obviously the best part of any favourites post, right?

The Sleek iDivine in Oh So Special has been in constant use since I stripped my hair back to blonde in the spring. I have reviewed it here and talked about my favourite eyeshadow look to create with it here. As you can see, I’ve hit pan on three of the shades now. I can’t get enough of it for creating beautiful, soft looks.

Phee’s Makeup Original Glow Highlight Powder I need to stop being such a fan girl but seriously. You can buy this for £6.50 from Phee’s shop (or in a compact for £16) and it is just so gorgeous and pigmented. I lightly dab my brush into the pan, tap it off and I’ll have the perfect highlight – so this pan is clearly going to last forever. I also love being able to support an actual person, rather than a nameless brand.

MAC Peaches was my first ever blush and I love it just as much 10 years later as I did when I first bought it. This is a blush I will probably always own, it just works so well when I have my natural/blonde hair.

If you follow me on instagram (or just my blog tbh) you’ll know I haven’t been able to put down the NYX Macaron Lipsticks in Pistachio and Violet. They are very matte, I need to exfoliate my lips before I use them but the finish and shades are stunning. You can still find them at Boots for £5.50  and I’d say go get them before they disappear! Obviously these shades won’t be for everyone but purple lipstick is becoming more and more into the normal zone, right?

The Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara in Black Taffeta was a sample in a beauty box. I initially wasn’t sure about this as I found it smudged a little on my lids. However, about a week into using it, this stopped and I was able to see what a gorgeous mascara this is. At £31.25 from Debenhams  I won’t be purchasing this mascara because let’s be honest, that’s a slightly ridiculous price. It is stunning though, it gives length and volume without becoming clumpy. If it was in the £20 region I would consider buying it but… If you’re a high end mascara girl, I’d 100% suggest you check this out.

Have you posted your favourites recently? I’d love your links if you have!


xo Fleur xo


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