Why am I Blogging?

About two months ago now I went through my Bloglovin’ account and had a purge. I unfollowed all the blogs that were no longer active (including ones that hadn’t been active since 2012) and I unfollowed a lot of the massive YouTubers who I no longer feel any connection with and whose blog posts / videos are all very overly sponsored. To replace them I tried to find and follow all the people who I’ve been keeping up with on Twitter.

All of this made me think about why I’m blogging and what I want to blog about. It also made me think about the #bbloggers Sunday evening chat where we talked about potential oversaturation. Having spent that time on Bloglovin’ I felt the oversaturation, it’s real. On a base level I might agree that all reviews are different, the more information the better and therefore worthwhile. In reality after one day I was bored of reading a million of the same review of the same product. Even if I don’t read the reviews, just seeing same title over and over… I’m sorry, it’s not for me.

I want to blog what I enjoy reading and viewing.


I adore hauls, I loving seeing different fashion looks and makeup looks, I enjoy bloggers that chat to me and tell me about their lives, I still love being nosy and reading what’s in my… posts and favourites lists give me life.

I know a lot of people who live for reviews and don’t get me wrong, I will always read reviews from British Beauty BloggerPhyrra and Temptalia. Largely because they get there first and provide an excellent quality of review, beyond that unless it’s a product I haven’t seen before I’m sorry but I’m not interested… Which means I only want to write reviews of products I haven’t seen people using.

I want to do more posts like this one:


I want to have fun! So I hope you don’t mind if that’s what I continue to do 🙂

P.S. I’m not trying to bash anyone, we’re all different and we all want different things from our blogs. This is just what I want from mine ❤

xo Fleur xo


3 thoughts on “Why am I Blogging?

  1. jenn says:

    i totally agree with you re: oversaturation. im’ contributing to it as well!
    and yes more looks please b/c i love the ones you do! the colors are always so interesting and your photos are great 🙂

    i’m trying to shift my blog to be more lifestyle but…habits die hard. i need to be more comfortable with the idea of ‘losing my audience’


    • floribundar says:

      See, for me, you also tend to be in the category of posting about things I don’t see much of – maybe by virtue of living in a different market and getting different brands to the UK bloggers I mainly follow 😂 but either way, I like the way you write and you always give a thorough review.
      It is really hard to decide what to do, almost like who doesn’t have a blog / YT channel now…
      Thank you – so glad to hear that my decision to continue with the looks isn’t a terrible idea! 😘😘


  2. Sophie Sierra says:

    Having fun sounds fab to me beaut! I always love your stunningly gorgeous MU looks, they never fail to impress or have me in awe. Likewise I love that you talk about a wide range of topics and always switch things up. So very happy you’re back to blogging as you’e bloody fabulous 😍

    I definitely think in the last year or so there’s so many millions of blogs and they cater to so many different people. We can’t all like the same thing and that’s what makes it good, we can watch and enjoy the vloggers we like and stick to reading the blogs that suit what we want. When I first started reading blogs I followed about 10 religiously and now bar a few of those I no longer feel the connection with them either so have stopped reading and found others I prefer and feel drawn to. You can’t beat learning more about a person from their blog, and favourites are always good too! Here’s to having fun, and you and your beaut self and beaut blog 💖❤️

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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