Review: Sleek MakeUP I-Divine in Oh So Special

When I started hitting pan on a couple of the shades in my Sleek MakeUP i-Divine in Oh So Special I thought it was probably about time I reviewed it… I’ve been using this palette since the end of November when I dyed my hair a deep purple. Initially I was just using the deep matte purple to fill my brows in but then when I stripped my hair back to blonde I realised how pretty the shades were for spring.

Unfortunately I’m now reviewing a palette that I think is beautiful for spring in the height of summer (or as close as Britain gets to summer :p). Never mind, it’ll be spring in the southern hemisphere soon enough..! So let’s get on with it.


L-R Clockwise: Bow, Organza, Gateau, Pamper.


L-R Clockwise: Ribbon, Gift Basket, Boxed, The Mail.


L-R Clockwise: Glitz, Celebrate, Noir, Wrapped Up.

I didn’t manage to get the most beautiful swatches, so do check out google images. Having said that I think my swatches are more realistic about the kind of pigmentation you’re likely to see. The metallic, shimmer shades are beautifully pigmented, the matte shadows less so which is pretty common for high street/drugstore shadows. If you’re someone who is all about the mattes this palette won’t be for you as the stand-out shades are shimmers. For £8.99 for 12 shades, 5 of which are awesome shimmers, I’m willing to have to build up the mattes.

Below are a few looks I’ve created using this palette, the only other eye product I used was a bright blue liner in the second look. It’s great for creating everyday subtle pink and purple looks, one reason I like it in spring.

I almost wish I was doing this as a video so I could point out all my favourite shade combinations! There are far too many for me to list without this post becoming far longer than it needs to be.

I would buy this palette for the shimmer shades alone, particularly Gift Basket and Glitz. It’s one step away from a neutral palette if you’re wanting to add a hint of colour and (dare I say it) a better option than buying the Naked 3 palette. The shades are all distinct from each other, you have three matte shadows to create a classic neutral eye and a duochrome shade (gateau).

As with all Sleek eyeshadows – they are easy to work with, there is little fall out providing you tap off any excess and they stay put ALL day long. I can’t recommend them enough, they make my favourite shadows and I reach for them over any of my high end palettes (including Urban Decay, MAC and NARS).

xo Fleur xo


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