Haul: Primark!

I badly needed some new work trousers (let’s not have that conversation..!) and work tops, so ended up in Primark with a bag full of exciting goodies. As I love reading and watching Primark hauls I thought I should share mine with you. I haven’t shown the work trousers (yawn) or the 2 standard bras I bought as I felt a bit weird about showing those!

Ceramic mug £2, Mentos £1, Life is Sweet cup £3, Hair elastics (x60!) £1, Shower puff £1, Cucumber face wipes (these smell incredible!) £1, Gentle face wipes £1, Cotton pads £0.50

I have far too many mugs yet keep buying more (I drink a lot of tea so it kind of makes sense) and this one looked so pretty, plus it’s a really decent size – larger than it looks when it’s in the box.

When I’m not drinking tea, I’ll be drinking squash out of one of these. I love knowing that it’s very unlikely that a fly has died in my drink as it has the sealed top.

Skinny water haha. I was thirsty and that packaging is so bright it sucked me in… What can I say. For £1 I’m not complaining and it tasted good.

I can never have too many sunglasses (I sit on them all), these were £1 and are open at the sides which is a nice touch. Sports bra £3.50 and tights £3.

I pulled unstitched the hemming on these to make them that little bit longer, £7.

One of the nicest quality tees I now own, I couldn’t help myself and now my bf and I can be Marvel tee wearing geeks together, £7.

This photographed terribly but is a cotton nightdress with this pretty detail at the hem, £6.

Chiffon dress, £13. This was the most expensive item I bought! I’ve got our school prom coming up and needed something pretty to wear. This will be so pretty paired with a pink cardigan.

One of the work shirts on, the other is a mint, £6 each.

Then this is what I’m going to be going back for. I don’t have the figure to wear these out of the house but how cute will they be as pj bottoms?! Everything unicorn!

Have you been to Primark recently? I think the effort that they put into making their products so much fun is inspiring.

xo Fleur xo


3 thoughts on “Haul: Primark!

  1. Sophie Sierra says:

    Aww so much cuteness Fleur! Loved seeing your haul! I was totally eyeing up that pretty watermelon ‘life is sweet’ design the other day, so stunning for summer. Utterly in love with the pretty butterfly dress too, it’ll look so gorgeous on you, especially with all the colourfully beaut hair and make-up looks you pull off so well! And obvs, all the love for the unicorn print too! ❤

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • floribundar says:

      I literally haven’t stopped using the watermelon cup since I bought it – except to wash it up of course haha. Thank you lovely ❤ I wore it with a gorgeous blue lipstick the other day and it looked pretty beaut if I'm allowed to say that myself?! xx


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