Haul: Phee’s Makeup Shop

As someone who clearly wants to be a unicorn/mermaid, my entire friend group obviously linked me to the rainbow highlighter that went viral a few weeks ago..! As it was out of stock I put the idea on a backburner until I saw that the gorgeous and insanely talented Phee from Phee’s Makeup Tips was producing one herself.

I had already been intending on putting in an order of her mineral shadows as they look (and I can confirm actually are) stunning! So obviously when I saw the rainbow highlight that order got placed pretty much immediately. I’ve always tended to buy jewellery from individual artists and I’m wanting to transition more of my makeup shopping away from the high street. To be able to buy from a blogger I follow and admire feels very special indeed.

So, lets get onto the makeup. First off who doesn’t love a silver bubble envelope?

I chose the Neutral Eyeshadow Trio (Pollila, Sphinx and Peppered) for £15.50, the Purple Eyeshadow Trio  (Pressed Glow, Pressed Mariposa and Iris) also £15.50 and of course the Rainbow Glow Highlight Powder for £13.00. I bought them all myself with 25% off my first order for entering my email, a massive bonus considering the already great price for 3g of product in the smaller pans.


Phee’s Makeup Shop Shadows and Rainbow Highlighter

Swatches of the eyeshadow trio’s next to each other. L-R: Peppered, Sphinx, Pollila, Pressed Glow, Pressed Mariposa and Iris. I can tell it’s been too long since I’ve swatched products as these photos are definitely sub-par but they give an idea of how stunning the shades are. At one point I had my arm sticking out the window trying to catch the gleam!

Swatches of the Rainbow Highlight – I can’t wait to get this on my face. It’s so soft and gorgeous, not chunky or chalky at all. In the (very) shaded photo you can see how gorgeous the colours are, pastel perfection right there.

I think (surprisingly) my current favourite is the pressed Mariposa, I can see myself using it as an inner corner highlight and all over lid shadow constantly. I’m very excited to start using them but am waiting till after I’ve cleaned my eyeshadow brushes… Once I’ve had a play I’m sure I’ll be uploading FOTD’s and letting you know more about how everything performs.

You can find all of Phee’s Makeup line here.

xo Fleur xo


4 thoughts on “Haul: Phee’s Makeup Shop

  1. Aysh says:

    Ooh I’ve been eyeing up this talented ladies products for a while now, how gorgeous! Your swatches are fab Hun, love how buttery & pigmented everything is! Inevitable haul happening so methinks! 😂🙌🏼


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