Makeup Wish List

Everyone love a wish list, right? Or is that just me? Either way, there is a whole loads of makeup and beauty items I’m currently lusting after, which I thought I would share. I even branched out and started learning how to use Polyvore – look at me being a good little blogger haha. BTW I just put down the sites either polyvore had / I would use – I’d always shop around for a better price than e.g. Selfridges!
Makeup Wish List March 2016


Dhc face wash
I used to have this in the past and absolutely loved it, such a breeze for making sure every scrap of makeup is removed.

Creamy eyeshadow
£8.15 –
There are several Makeup Geek eyeshadows I have my eye on – they’re so inexpensive and the reviews are pretty awesome…

Jane Iredale makeup primer
This was mentioned by Goss Makeup… Need I say more? It’s supposed to control oil, which my shiny face could definitely do with…

In particular the shade Unicorn Tears – SO gorgeous. Need!
You know why I want this, right? Nikkie Tutorials?

PURPLE RAIN – Dose of Colors
£13 –
I’ve followed their Insta feed for forever and it’s about time I finally bought some of their lip products. I mean, they’re utterly beautiful!

So, cleaning makeup brushes is a massive chore. Fact. This makes cleaning brushes look like an absolute breeze. You need to watch the video explaining how it works because I’ll only give a clunky explanation if I try. It should make our lives so much easier and apparently more hygenic!

I’ve been wanting a curling wand for a long time but couldn’t decide what barrel size I wanted, so just haven’t bought one. Plus a lot of them seem unbelievably expensive. This one is under £50 and has three wands – everything I could want really.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’m currently trying to avoid buying soon. Do you have a wish list? Or do you just buy things when you see them?

xo Fleur xo


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