Worst Haircut Experience of My Life

Have you ever had one of those really bad experiences and just needed to get it off your chest? This is 100% one of those!

So, I went into my normal hairdressers to book an appointment and talked to my old hairdresser who sadly no longer cuts (only does colour) and asked for someone who would enjoy doing something a little different and they decided which of their staff would be best and booked me in.

The first thing this new hairdresser said was ‘I’ve cut your hair before, haven’t I?’. I had no idea who she was so just replied with ‘um, I don’t know?’ (she definitely hasn’t cut my hair in the last 10 years, so…). She refused to leave this topic alone and kept coming back to it saying she’d remember the name Fleur etc. WHY? I clearly didn’t know, drop it!

Next, I showed her the hair style I wanted – a blunt just-above-shoulder-length bob with a triangle undercut at the back. Think Aria’s haircut from PLL but with a triangle shaved at the back. She immediately said she wouldn’t know how to do the undercut and that if I wanted something like that I needed to go to a barbers rather than a hairdressers (which was the moment I should have got up and walked out). Obviously I’m not a hairdresser but I have had a lot of different haircuts, a lot of short haircuts and several that involved clippers being used. The only skills I can see you needing to do an undercut are sectioning (surely the most basic skill) and being able to handle a pair of clippers (even more basic?). Yet she apparently had no idea where she would even start…

So, ignoring that, I decided that seeing as I was already there I might as well get just the blunt bob and showed her exactly what I wanted. Mistake. She cut it to just under the length I wanted it, then kept cutting and cutting. It’s probably a good inch or two shorter than I wanted and when it’s straight just looks like I’m growing out a shorter hair cut (which I’ve done, so I know exactly how it looks and feels).

She then rough dried it off and was pulling it out so there was loads of volume at the ends… Like, who even wants hair that sticks out like a right-angled triangle from their head?! No one, that’s who, yet she was giving me tips on how to do this. I think I’ll stick to trying to give my roots volume thanks! Then continued cutting more bits off (I almost screamed).Thankfully (I thought) she followed this by running some kind of product through my hair which calmed the frizzy mess she’d created down.

However, when I went to wash my hair today, whatever she’d put in my hair would not come out. At all. I can’t even.

Anyway, photos:

It definitely looks reasonable in these photos, frankly I can’t bear to upload a photo of how it looks when I haven’t spent forever styling it! I guess I’ll just have to curl it or wear it in a top knot for the foreseeable future. Oh and the reason I wanted an undercut at the back? To get rid of the hair that gets horribly greasy because I have such an oily scalp… This beauty of a hair cut shows off that wonderful gross section of hair like nothing else. Yay!

Rant over lol. I’m not normally so negative and I’ve genuinely hated only one other haircut in my life (which wasn’t the time I chopped all my hair off with a pair of safety scissors whilst my mums back was turned!).

Have you had similar experiences? What’s been your worst haircut experience? I know I’m not alone in getting home and wanting to cry!

xo Fleur xo


3 thoughts on “Worst Haircut Experience of My Life

  1. Lima (@Fashionicide) says:

    Ohhhh my god! I’m so sorry for what you experienced 😥

    Finding the right hairdresser is quite personal as you’re stuck with them for a whilst you’re in that chair and you’re leaving your hair (which is our pride and joy!) in their hands.

    First of all, she sounds really annoying. Second of all, for a hairdresser to say they don’t know how to undercut? YOU WHAT M8. I used to be hairdresser and every damn hairdresser is taught how to use clippers in college!

    And thirdly, yes – hairdressers can snip happy and usually end up cutting off more than what their client actually wanted.

    But remember, hair grows! Lots of updos and before you know it, your hair will be back to the length you wanted 🙂

    I had a pretty naff experience in hairdressing college where I was paired up with a girl from my class. I asked for a couple of streaks of blonde, she used the highest percentage of peroxide available and left my hair to process under heat. When she began to rinse, chunks of my hair had a chemical meltdown. Oh, the horror!





    • floribundar says:

      Ugh, having chunks of hair breaking off is the worst. I’ve managed to do that to my own hair (very luckily it was easily hidden) :/

      I’ve certainly chilled out since I posted this, hair does grow back and it’s looking better for the few mm it’s already grown. I’m normally much less concerned about haircuts (and I’ve been very lucky), I think the whole experience just wound me up a lot. Still can’t get over the fact she didn’t know how to undercut but there we go… Life goes on!

      Fleur xo


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