Quick Thursday Review: Muji Facial Roller

Something a little different for this week’s Quick Thursday Review, the Muji facial massage roller. I bought mine a good year ago and have been loving using it ever since. I didn’t think it was worth reviewing but whilst using it I realised that lots of people might also love it.

I can only find this online in the US but I bought mine in the UK, not even in one of their larger stores. So, whilst they might not sell them online here, they do sell them. I believe I paid around £12 for mine, so it isn’t something that is especially expensive and after a year of use, it looks almost brand new.

I use this when I want to relax. I hold a lot of tension in my jaw, to the point where it gets quite sore. I also have a tendency to grind my teeth slightly. I used to use my thumb and first two fingers to gently massage along the jawline to relieve the tension but it didn’t really work all that well.

I bought this after reading about the benefits of a facial massager to the tone of the skin along the jawline. As someone who has a double chin whenever I’m laughing or smiling (most of the time) this sounded ideal. Now, I can’t say it helps with this. I have lost weight and toned up my body at the same time as using this. So, if you’re interested for that reason, I wouldn’t recommend it as I am doubtful that it has made any difference.

What it does do is effectively, easily and with no pain release all the tension in your jaw. I tend to sit in bed, last thing at night and first thing in the morning and give my face a quick roller. The difference it makes is heavenly. I find it easier to get to sleep and I sleep better. My face feels more relaxed and thus I feel more relaxed.

If you don’t suffer tension in your jawline, this isn’t a purchase for you. If you do, this could well be a 10/10 product for you, just as it is for me.

You can buy them on eBay from around the £2 mark, eg here. Have a look at all the different types they offer though – plus colour combinations! I can’t recommend any from there myself having bought the Muji one so definitely look at a few before you buy!

Fleur xoxo

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