Quick Thursday Review: L’Oreal Summer Glow Lotion

I bought the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Summer Glow Lotion Gradual Tan in Medium Tan on a whim when I was in Boots over the summer. I had finished up my Dove Summer Glow in Fair and when I saw this I knew it was time to try something else!

I have done a post comparing all the gradual tanners I’ve tried thus far here. I think this might be my favourite yet, which is some claim. Especially when I enjoyed the Dove one quite so much. However, there are some things that the L’Oreal gets just right.

It is £6.99 for 200ml which is more expensive than the Dove which is £4.99 for 250ml. During application the L’Oreal has a light fruity scent which I’m quite in love with, its quite peachy. As it develops throughout the day, there is a faint smell of fake tan but it is not particularly noticeable. In fact, I applied it this morning (writing this at 8pm) and even with my nose up against my skin I can only get a light whiff of fake tan. On a hot summers day it is more noticeable but still not overpowering.

The colour that develops is perfect for me. I genuinely thought it might be a little dark but instead, in a single application, I get the ideal colour. Even when my skin was more tan, this added just the right amount more. As such, I would definitely buy the medium version again. If you are very pale this means the light will almost definitely work for you. If you are darker skinned I am not so sure but seeing as it worked for me when I was tan, I’d recommend giving it a go.

The point where this lotion excels for me is how it works as a body lotion. Whilst the others work moderately well, the L’Oreal lotion not only gives an amazing colour it moisturises my skin beautifully. My skin is left feeling super soft and perfectly conditioned. It does contain mineral oil which the Dove doesn’t appear to but it hasn’t blocked my skin up whatsoever – curious.


The one potentially massive downside is that it contains shimmer. I barely notice it but if that is high on your no-no’s, this won’t be for you. Other than that this is my favourite gradual tanner yet.

Fleur xoxo


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