That Fit Girl At The Gym…

Every gym has one, two or even a whole group of them. Those girls/women who look really good no matter what. They have their pert, toned body, gorgeous skin and make everything look effortless. At the gym I go to this tends to be middle aged ladies who obviously do very little other than work out, eat healthy food and have manicures (I know, I’m a bad person stereotyping like that but it’s highly likely considering the area). They’ve obviously spent a reasonable amount of money on their gym kit and take pride in their appearance. Good for them! Just don’t let them intimidate you.

Then there is the obese section who really don’t have to look terrible. There is one guy I see most weeks who wears a pair of shorts that do actually sit around his middle – you never see the flash of belly and he doesn’t look constrained. That paired with a loose t-shirt looks really comfortable. He’s obviously at ease and comfortable in those clothes and he can just get on and do his workout. Far more comfortable than the ladies in their too tight primark cotton leggings and vest tops. One word. Chafing.

I’ve been going to the gym on-and-off for a good 10 years now. As such, I have a fair idea of what gym kit works and what doesn’t. What makes you look and feel great.

At no point should your gym kit prevent you exercising. That is why you purchase proper gym kit. 

For the rest of us, the majority of us, somewhere between the above categories on the fitter to overweight scale, we have the chance to look pretty amazing. Without too much effort or spending too much money. I saw a girl in the gym a couple of days ago which kind of sparked this post in my brain. She can’t have been too dissimilar in size to me, yet she genuinely looked like she was double my size because of what she was wearing. Leggings that made her legs look like sausages with absolutely no definition whatsoever and a heavy t-shirt that looked uncomfortable.

So here are my tips on looking (and therefore probably feeling) better at the gym:

  1. Get a good pair of trainers. Everything else can wait for now. Follow it up with a few good sports bras.
  2. Wash your gym kit after every time you go to the gym. I don’t wash my makeup brushes after every use, or even every month. I do wash my gym kit every time. I don’t want to build up bacteria and risk getting infections.
  3. Avoid the sausage effect. Lycra is awesome. 70’s super shiny, poorly seamed lycra that is way too tight isn’t. Go for the leggings that are more on the matte side and you don’t have to force your body into… It’s stretchy, you should be able to get them on with ease.
  4. Leave all black to the super slim. First of all its boring and secondly with nothing to break it up, your eyes see exactly what’s there. Usually the lumps. Add some colour and that disappears. 
  5. Add some colour. It adds excitement, distracts and makes you look more fun. Plus, even if you have none, colour screams confidence. 
  6. Go for legging with panelling. It splits the leg up into different sections. Again this avoids the sausage effect. It gives the illusion of carved thighs and a pert bum.
  7. Always avoid grey. It shows sweat like nothing else. You’re going to the gym specifically to sweat…
  8. Cotton isn’t always you’re friend. Nor is polyester. To have a workout where you don’t want to die, you need clothes that wick your sweat away from your body. 
  9. Keep the t’s though, they’re great for when you’re doing sports. Pair them with some leggings and you’ll look super sporty – pretty much always a good look.
  10. Try a skort (search Amazon for ‘hockey skirt’, they have a good selection). As well as being more feminine they are perfect for summer. It’s pretty much always a good look. 
  11. Treat workout gear as your chance to experiment. So you would never wear florescent clothing in your daily life? Give it a go! Even if it’s just as a sports bra. I love my neon pink + green sports bras. Sure you may only ever see a hint of the strap but they make me happy and therefore more motivated.
For cheap yet great sports wear I tend to head to H&M, they do a good selection of probably too cheap items. However, as I don’t have the salary to spend purely ethically, I’m just ignoring this :/ this isn’t a sponsored post – I do simply just love H&M.
Panelled sections lead the eye away and the pops of colour are gorgeous. 

Super bright and patterned tops don’t let the eye settle and hide sweat patches.

These make her legs look super skinny. In pure black they would be hideous. 

Panels working to her advantage – look how they pull her in. 
At the end of the day, remember that as everyone is so busy worrying about how they look, or just powering through their workout, they really won’t be as focussed on you as you think. Unless you go to the gym with me, as I love analysing what people wear and deciding if it would work for me. Or why it doesn’t work… 
Fleur xoxo

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