A Not-So-Quick Thursday Review: The Headspace App

How to review something that will be useful to everyone in different ways, that even to me means something different most days… It’s difficult and I’ve written this introduction several times now.

I struggle to control my stress levels. Up until a year ago I found daily life stressful, to the point where it was making me ill. I was lucky enough to have a doctor who asked me the right questions, helped me open out a little and then referred me for CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). This helped me immeasurably and I use the tools I learnt, to an extent, every day. What I couldn’t stop using those tools was the noise in my head. The ‘what ifs’, the ‘but but but’. As hard as I tried breaking the back bone of a life time of worry wasn’t going to happen overnight. 
The more I read about meditation and mindfulness, the more I felt it was something I should try. I have enjoyed yoga for years and how I feel afterwards. How you have to concentrate on what you are doing right there and then. You can’t let the thoughts distract you or you end up wobbling all over the place! I needed some more of that but didn’t feel that practising yoga every day was the solution. 
There is a quick look at the app itself, its really easy to use for the main feature – the meditation. Then you have access to lots of other information, podcasts including ones to help you sleep and animations explaining the concepts behind the meditation. Ultimately, I pretty much just stay on the initial screen (top photo) as I just want that day’s meditation. 
When you start with take 10 (which is free with the app) Andy, the guy who talks you through them all, introduces meditation and explains how it works in a really simple way. Then you get started. Initially you meditate for 10 minutes but this increases to 15 minutes in take 15 and then 20 minutes in take 20. So never a massive chunk of time. I’m pretty sure everyone has time to fit this in. Those who think they don’t would probably benefit from it most. 
Unlike the meditation I had tried before this is ideal. It isn’t cheesy / spiritual / complicated… It’s just simple and quite easy. Even better, it is something you can take into your daily life by just taking a moment to become aware of your breath.
I cannot recommend giving take 10 a go enough. It has helped me stay calmer in my everyday life as well as allowing me to cope with stress a million times better. If you have anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression… A whole host of mental health issues can potentially be helped using this tool. Obviously different tools work for different people but I know I’m always happy to try the easy things. Ultimately, like CBT, if it wasn’t relatively easy – no one would do it.
Fleur xoxo

One thought on “A Not-So-Quick Thursday Review: The Headspace App

  1. jenn f says:

    i downloaded this as per your suggestion and quickly forgot about it. then i tried it and realized i only get the first ten free 😦 and stopped b/c i could sit around just listening to , thus COMPLETELY defeating the purpose of meditation. i'm such a fail. hahaha.
    A Beautiful Zen


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