January 2014 Non-Beauty Favourites

I posted all my beauty favourites on Tuesday, of which there were quite a few – especially as I haven’t written a favourites post in absolutely ages. Well, I also had a wonderful month in terms of discovering non-beauty favourites! 
As I spent about half the month unable to walk around much due to an ice skating accident (which I am still recovering from, oops), a lot of these are phone and food based! All are amazing though.
Headspace: This app is just amazing for me. I do struggle with my thoughts getting away with me and general high levels of stress brought on by even the simplest of things. This has really calmed me down and made me a happier person. Meditation is a genuinely great tool and this app makes it quick, simple and non-spiritual or cheesy. I cannot recommend it enough and I have a review going up on the 27th Feb 🙂 
Drink Me Chai Chai Latte’s: So, having tried a chai latte in Costa’s I then found the spiced chai version of this in the supermarket. Then the vanilla and finally received the chocolate on for Christmas. They are all so delicious! Sure, they aren’t going to be the best drink in terms of how healthy it is for you but I make it up with skimmed milk and that adds to my calcium and protein intake for the day. Everyone is allowed some treats.
Kitsound Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker: Just before Christmas my mum bought this and I have largely appropriated it for myself. For listening to music easily from my phone this is amazing. It’s super portable, I can charge it from my laptop or using an iPhone charger and the USB cable it is supplied with. It has a good quality of sound for the size and price. What’s not to love? If you were going to get one for yourself, I’d recommend having a look at all the different products on the market. However, I’d definitely recommend a bluetooth connection as anything that plugs in the phone signal has a tendency to interfere with as it is so close. 
Having a desk and two monitors: For blogging and studying this has proved to be amazing. I have recently resumed my masters (terrifying) and actually having somewhere to work is definitely going to prove invaluable. Having two monitors means I can do two things at once with ease. For example, whilst writing this post I can have twitter open on my other monitor and chat to people at the same time!
Twitter: This final one is quite apt considering my last comment. I have been loving twitter and all my beautiful twitter friends. Come join me and them 🙂 I tweet far too much about everything and anything. Mainly things I’m happening to love on any one day, all the links. I tweet in the same way that I enjoy on other peoples feeds… 
I find it perfect for discovering new information, learning more about a person and staying up-to-date with my favourite bloggers blogs. Plus if I particularly enjoy a post, I can then instantly re-tweet it 🙂 If you fancy following me, my handle is: @FloribundaR
What were any of your January favourites? The same as any of mine?
Fleur xoxo

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