Quick Thursday Review: Emite Makeup Micronised Eye Shadow

This little gem happily appeared in my Glossybox. I gave it a quick swatch, decided it looked reasonably nice but probably nothing special and put it in my makeup drawer. My mum received the same shadow in her box, decided that she didn’t need it and popped it on my dressing table. As such, I picked it up and popped it on my lids a lot sooner than I would have otherwise! I promptly fell in love, which has never happened with a plain base shadow.

Why have I fallen in love?

  1. This is the perfect neutral shade for me. I’m pretty sure it would work well on the large majority of skin tones as well. 
  2. This lasts and lasts. I can put this on at 7am and it will still look exactly the same when I finish work at 4pm. I can then do the Insanity workout and it will only have creased a tiny bit when I take my makeup off at ~ 10:30pm. That is some staying power. 
  3. It works both as an inner corner and browbone subtle highlight and a base shade for all over the lid. So you need just the one product. 
  4. It doesn’t fall out, even when I’m half awake before work I don’t end up with shadow everywhere. Even when I’m being cackhanded.
  5. It is free from oil, nickel (recently reclassified as toxic), parabens and perfume. As such it shouldn’t irritate your eyes. I’ve noticed that when (in my cackhandedness) I shove the shadow in my eyes it doesn’t hurt them. Always a bonus.
It definitely isn’t a cheap shadow, at 170 Swedish Kronor (roughly £16). This is more expensive than a MAC potted shadow, though not as expensive as a Burberry eyeshadow at £22.50. It is most definitely a higher quality product than my MAC shadows, so worth those extra pounds. 
I shall most likely be buying a dark brown shadow to go with this one. As much as it works gorgeously with my MAC shadows, to have a combo where both shadows are incredibly long lasting would be supreme. Especially for work.
If you received this in your Glossybox and have yet to try it, dig it out already and give it a go!
Fleur xoxo

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