Quick Thursday Review: Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator

The Soap &Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night &Flight Moisture Miracle in indeed pretty amazing. As it featured in my October/ Recent favourites, you know this is going to be a positive review. So, how about we start with the negative points and work towards the positives?

First of all, at £13 for 45ml it isn’t the cheapest night cream on the market. Nor is it the most expensive and a lot of the time you can find it in 3 for 2 offers… Next up, the packaging – I can’t quite decide if it just looks cheap or they managed to get it looking clean and slightly pharmaceutical. As it isn’t offensive or bright and in-your-face I can deal with it. Last of all, it does contain some ingredients that people are sensitive to (as well as fragrance). If you know you have sensitivities to certain chemicals, do check the ingredients.

Lets move onto the good points!

1. Hydration – if your skin feels tight or looks dehydrated this cream works wonders. It re-plumped my skin, made it look healthy and baby faced even. I haven’t come across anything like it.

2. Whilst slightly fragranced, it is a light and refreshing fragrance. Pretty tasty actually, it smells like peaches – one of the ingredients.

3. Any fine lines I had on my face were plumped out and invisible pretty much after one use.

4. It is super moisturising, exactly what you want in a night cream.

5. I didn’t need much at all to have a great effect. In fact, a pea sized blob worked perfectly.

Quite frankly, go and look at the claims Soap & Glory make about this cream. It really does live up to them, if in a slightly quieter manner – they’d rather shout about them obviously. If you’re on the hunt for a good night cream, I cannot recommend this one enough.

Fleur xoxo


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