Fitness Forward: January Is The Month To Be Healthy

Whilst I did not make any fitness resolutions at the beginning of this year (see here for my resolutions), getting fitter is a constant aim of mine. Or at least it has been since about May last year. I have been largely successful with this, there have been very few weeks since then that I haven’t done some form of exercise. In fact most weeks I have exercised at least three times. The how and why of this is something that may help you out if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to lose that weight, tone up or just get fitter…

  1. Get a positive attitude. The more you say ‘Oh do I have to go to the gym’, ‘I hate exercise’ etc etc and let people say the same to you the less motivated you’ll be. Don’t lie to yourself but do focus on the things you do enjoy – for example I love how I feel after I’ve been for a swim, I love how much energy I have after I’ve done the Insanity workout and I enjoy seeing the changes exercise is making to my body. 
  2. Don’t try to do exercise you hate. So, you hate spinning? Just because someone else loves it (I happen to) and gets great results from it doesn’t mean you will. If you force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, you’ll give up. Try a whole range of different types of exercise a few times and see what you like. There really is something for everyone. I can’t recommend flicking through YouTube and trying some of the workouts from there enough.
  3. Don’t try to do too much at once. So, you want to start exercising three times a week? Do 15 minutes each time, it’s a tiny commitment but one you’ll manage. Then, once you’ve managed that you’ll feel so much better and more able to up the time you spend. 
  4. Reward, just not with food. By rewarding yourself with food, you’re undoing all the work you just did. Reward yourself with a new app, single, book, nail varnish… Think small, a reward that you’ll get after a year is no use. If you can’t afford even that (we’ve all been students / in low paid jobs), go for gold stars on a wall chart – it might seem ridiculous but once you start using it you’ll start loving it.
  5. Work out with other people, or motivate with other people. So I can’t always get to the gym at the same time as my gym buddy. We can still motivate each other to make sure we both go that day. I also do Insanity with my colleagues, so when one of us doesn’t feel up to it – the other most likely will. It works so well. If you need a motivator, I’d be more than happy to help – give me a shout on twitter – @FloribundaR

They might say to reach for the stars and you’ll at least hit the moon. For building an exercise routine I disagree, if you aim low – you’ll get there. Then, once you’ve made it you can build on that success. You’ll constantly be building a positive attitude towards your resolution, which is so important.

Those are my tips 🙂 two articles that I think are definitely worth a read if fitness is your resolution are this one about choosing where you lose weight and this one about turning your exercise into a game. I will most definitely be doing more yoga to reduce my cortisol as well as turning my workout sessions with friends into a competition as to who can do the most.

I hope you find this in some way helpful. Good luck if this was one of your resolutions!

Fleur xoxo


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