Review: The Elemental Mysteries Series by Elizabeth Hunter

I’m not sure, bar in favourites posts, that I have ever reviewed a book for you here on my blog. Which is slightly strange as I am most definitely a bookworm and spend hours reading.

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1

I discovered the Elemental Mysteries Series by Elizabeth Hunter over a year ago when the first book (A Hidden Fire) was free to download to my Kindle from Amazon. I started reading it in Florence which linked into part of the book (though the majority of the series is based in America) and I think this added to my initial love for the series. I always find reading a book that links into my life somehow much more gripping initially. It is indeed still free to download here, so you can give this recommendation a go at no cost to yourself! You don’t need a kindle either, if you didn’t know – you can download the reading app to your laptop, iPad, phone…

I am a big fantasy fan, normally I go for books that are set completely outside our world, or ones that are in our world but are so different as to be unrecognisable. I can, however, see the appeal in reading books that we can relate to. Especially after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (late to that party I know), I have loved the idea of this other world existing within our own. Elizabeth Hunter does this to perfection, weaving the story in a way that seems utterly real and believable.

I have yet to say the most important part, it is a vampire story. A good one. No twilight here (sorry guys, I’m not a fan). The vampires feel life-like and slightly terrifying, it isn’t overdone with the addition of a feast of other mythical creatures either. Simply and purely, vampires. It is also a story of human nature and love, no teen-fiction here, there is the wealth of human emotions and most importantly passion.

I am not a book critic, nor an English scholar so I shouldn’t comment on the writing. I will say that I found it enjoyable, that it kept a good pace and that all parts of the story felt well thought out and structured. It is written in third person, which I love, there are so few books written in the first person that I have enjoyed.

The depth to the series and the complexity of the plot is outstanding. By the final book all the threads being linked together is very special indeed. I can tell that time and care has been taken to get everything to work and at no point did I feel cheated by the story. What’s more, the endings of each of the books worked – they weren’t a cliffhanger, left the book feeling complete in its own right yet still kept me wanting more. That is some feat.

Is this a book you must read? No. Is it one you might want to? Definitely. If you love the fantasy genre, this has enough to keep you interested. If you love semi-fantasy like Harry Potter and Twilight, have a go – this series is on a whole new level. A more mature, adult level. I loved it.

If you do decide to give this series a go, let me know what you think. Discussing books I’ve enjoyed has to be one of my favourite things. Also welcome would be book recommendations!

Fleur xoxo


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