Comment: Face Wipes and New Year’s Resolutions

It is the time for New Year’s resolutions. As such, you may have made some beauty resolutions and after a year of being slated I can imagine one of them might be to give up using face wipes?

The dreaded face wipes! As you are reading this, a beauty blog, I assume that you know that face wipes really aren’t the way forward. That, in fact, you’re essentially smearing makeup and dirt all over your face, whacking moisturiser on top and expecting to look glorious in the morning. Which you probably don’t, which is upsetting.

More upsetting is how expensive makeup wipes are. Potentially you can get the super cheap ones of 25 for £1, that’s pretty expensive. I bet you’re using moisturisers and serums and all kinds of makeup too, this is an expensive hobby being female and looking good. HOBBY?! Lets face it, this isn’t a hobby, this is every day life and it’s costing us time and money. 
Face wipes are quick and convenient though, you can leave them by your bed. When you stumble in drunk they don’t hurt even when you poke yourself in the eye with them. Okay, I lie, it did hurt but only because you poked so darn hard! 
You should really be using that Emma Hardie cleanser that everyone raves about though shouldn’t you? It involves massaging, water… Muslin cloths?! That doesn’t sound quick or easy! Plus there is no way you’re carting that pot round with you when you stay at a friends house. 
So, Bioderma? Apparently that isn’t enough on its own either. More smearing of dirt around your face to no avail! 
Stop. Decide on your priorities. 
Having fun, going out and getting to bed late? Or are you going to make sure you always have half an hour before you go to bed for your beauty routine? Or is it a bit of both?
Can you cope with your skin being a bit ‘meh’, or do you need it to be as flawless as possible? If you want flawless skin, you need to prioritise cleansing. You need to be doing those face masks and taking care of your skin properly on a daily basis. 
If, however, you don’t mind having a couple of blemishes because your foundation skills are pretty awesome – you can use those face wipes. You do need to make sure you cleanse your face properly at least some of the time though. Do get a good cleanser, maybe use it in the shower when you have a bit more time. Ditch the face wipes, they’re expensive and let’s face it the £1 are grim. Get yourself some cotton wool roll (you can tear bits off and it’s super soft) and a micellar water (e.g. Bioderma or the L’Oreal one). Keep it by your bed and it’ll serve the same purpose, a little more effectively and more cheaply. Or, you know, stick with the face wipes. 
Being aware of something doesn’t mean that you should follow the advice. Face wipes may not be the most effective way of cleansing your skin but they are still better than going to sleep with all your makeup on. The decisions you make have to be based on your life and your expectations.

Properly Cleansing > Face Wipes > Going to Bed With Your Makeup On

That’s all for today beautiful ladies. This principle works for a lot of things though, sometimes you really do have to choose the lesser of two evils. Is this one of your New Year’s Resolutions?
Fleur xoxo
P.S. My resolutions will be going up soon, one of them is to blog more! Let’s do this.

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