Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

Okay, these don’t look massively appetising but they are truly delicious and really quick and easy to whip up of a week-night. This is another from my favourite place, the Waitrose weekend magazine (if you are from the UK and live near a Waitrose, do go and get yourself one). Yet again, I have modified it slightly to make it more appealing to me and also somehow easier.

Serves 4

Ready in: 40 minutes (depending on how long it takes your oven to heat up)

250g cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic, peeled and flattened
4 large portabello mushrooms, washed thoroughly
250g ricotta
1 slice of bread (I used seeded granary, whatever you have will work fine)

  1. Preheat the oven to 200C, 180C fan, gas mark 6. 
  2. Place the tomatoes on a baking tray with the olive oil and garlic. Prick each tomato so it doesn’t explode. Season and roll your hands over the lot to coat everything in the salt, pepper and oil. Roast for 15 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, chuck the slice of bread in a mini food processor of crumble between your hands into breadcrumbs. Place into a large bowl. Mix in the ricotta and season. 
  4. When the 15 minutes are up, pour the tomatoes and garlic straight off the baking tray into the bowl. If you are a bit garlic adverse, remove the garlic cloves / crush them up fully at this stage. Mix everything up together. 
  5. Place the portabello mushrooms on the baking tray used for the tomatoes, spoon the mixture onto the mushrooms. Bake for 20 minutes.
This is ideal served with a green salad. If you need some carbs, rice or cous cous works well as a healthy option. You can pile it on top and its like it has been double stuffed.
If you are only cooking for two people, these reheat superbly. Put them on a microwaveable plate and heat for ~ 3 minutes till piping hot when you touch the bottom (be careful, if they are steaming you’re good). Then pop them under a pre-heated grill (on a baking tray, your plate will likely shatter if left under a grill for too long), for ~ 5 minutes or until browning. This restores the delicious crunch!
This has to be the ideal midweek meal, it is quick but more importantly pretty effortless. Most of the time everything is in the oven!
Fleur xoxo

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