Quick Thursday Review: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

This is a product raved about by a fair few beauty bloggers. As such, I obviously had to try it at some point being a hand cream fiend myself. Having tried some pretty horrible / useless hand creams recently – I was hoping for the best. 
At £10 for 100ml this isn’t the cheapest hand cream but I managed to buy it during a 50% off promotion, at which point it’s actually pretty reasonably priced. You can’t get many hand creams for cheaper. 
It’s designed for very dry skin: check, it has castor oil and cannabis oil: sounds good to me and it has no petroleum/mineral oil/paraffin in it: awesome. In all it has a pretty good set of ingredients, there are a couple I’d quibble being necessary but they aren’t going to hurt you. 
Does it work? Yes. Normally, whatever I use, when I wake up in the morning my hands already feel dry again. With this, they feel soft and supple – what?! Even better it somehow works for during the day too, so it’s super moisturising yet not too heavy that it makes your hands feel disgusting. I like it. 
Even better, a really tiny amount goes a long way. So that 100ml is lasting me a long time. 
It is also a product from an awesome brand that is against animal testing and promotes fair trade and organic ingredients (this product has both fair trade and organic sourced ingredients). 
What more could you want? If you’re in need of a good new hand cream I’d definitely recommend this one.  

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