NOTD: Wintersky

This nail varnish by H&M was a must buy for me the instant I saw it in an email. It looked like it had the potential to be absolutely stunning and it is. It delivered and then some. The name, Wintersky, fits the varnish perfectly – the subtly gorgeous changes from green-blue to grey to pinks and purples. I’m in love. It’s also a nice change from the deep, dark varnishes that are ever popular at the time of year. 
I did have concerns about the formula, whilst it went on well I did have a chip within a day. However, over two days on, I have no more chips so it’s definitely acceptable. It is almost opaque (always an issue with shades like this one) after one coat and perfect after two. 
Best of all, this gorgeous nail varnish only costs £2.99. So it definitely won’t break the bank and it’s as good as (or even better than) some nail varnishes three times it’s price. 
Fleur xoxo

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