The Autumn Tag!

The amazing Jenn from A Beautiful Zen tagged me to do the Autumn tag. Seeing as I love autumn so much (to me it is definitely the season of excitement), I couldn’t not answer this tag! I did a very similar one last year (the I ❤ Fall Tag), if you want to – go and have a look at that – see what is different or the same 😛

So, lets get started!
1. Favourite Thing About Autumn?
The fact that so much happens, it’s always (for me at least) the busiest time of year. Somehow more-so than spring there seems to be hope and promise, I still have all the vitamin D coursing through my veins from summer, the weather gets chillier but more exciting. There is the first frosts, falling leaves, Halloween, the lead up to Christmas, pumpkins, comforting homely food, puddings… The list could go on. I think the more appropriate question for me would be ‘what do you not like about fall?’, that would be the shorter days. That’s the only thing I don’t love (and sometimes I even like that, it kind of feels cosy?). 
2. Favourite Drink?

This would have to be a chai latte ❤ so heavenly! I bought the Drink Me Chai Spiced Chai Latte about a month ago and I’m already halfway through my second tub! I make this half-and-half with milk and water when I’m feeling decadent (ha) or just with water if I need something warming and more refreshing. 
3. Favourite Scent / Candle? 
This seems so easy, especially when (as my beautiful friend Holly comfirmed for me) candles are my crack. I think the problem this year is that it just hasn’t seemed cold yet, we have had a few colder days but nothing truly autumnal. In the absence of colder days, I’m really enjoying the Muji Strawberry and Watermelon Candle.

4. Best Lipstick?
This hasn’t changed, there are now contenders trying to take its place but they haven’t got there yet. MACs Rebel Lipstick, it is the autumn lipstick for me. To be honest if I could wear this all day every day, I would. I’d probably mix it up with (again from MAC) Lady Danger, Moxie and New York Apple. Sadly I don’t have time within my working day for the upkeep of a bold lipstick, so it’s saved for the weekend. 

5. My Go-To Moisturiser?
When Autumn arrives, so does central heating, cold days and thus dry skin. We all know this. To combat this? Along with the fact I have random patches where I had spots that now won’t heal? I’ve been slapping on antiseptic cream, which has just been saving my face! Thank goodness. 

6. My Go-To Colours For Eyes?
MAC Naked Lunch with MAC Sable in the crease. Yep, this might be my go-to look year round but it works so well with autumnal lip colours (and spring, summer and winter ones…). I need to have a mix up and get some different colours out, I know that gold, copper and cranberry will be working their way onto my face soon. 

7. Favourite Music/Band/Singer To Listen to?
I blame the girls at school for this. One Direction’s Best Song Ever. I can’t get it out of my head. Also Kendrick Lamar, Swimming Pools is just so addictive and London Grammar, Strong sends shivers down my spine. Ooh and before I forget – One Republic Counting Stars! I need to start buying some of the music I love so I can actually listen to it already! 
8. Favourite Autumnal Outfit?
I’ll be honest, I wear my work clothes to work and all evening, unless I change into workout wear. If I do that I’ll then most likely shower and get straight into my pjs. If I’m not seeing anyone at the weekend during the day I’ll be in my gym clothes again or in a denim skirt and a flannel shirt. I just haven’t worn any autumnal clothes yet! Sorry for being a let down. I do, however, love this dress I found in Sainsburys. 

9. Favourite Autumnal Treat?

Baked apples with custard. The only close contender is crumble with custard, which is very similar. It’s just a delicious, warming and comforting treat. If you want a recipe, look here! You know you want to  make these, they’re just that delicious.

10. My Favourite Place To Be?
This would either be outside in a park or country lane – when its sunny/misty/cold but definitely dry. When it’s pelting it down with rain (which seems to happen less in autumn) I like being tucked up inside next to a window listening to the rain. 
It also has to be the perfect time of year for going round museums and getting coffee with friends. 
Do you love autumn? If so, definitely do the autumn tag too and let me know if you have! Along with favourites, tags like this one are my absolute ideal blog posts to read ❤ 
Lots of autumnal love your way,
Fleur xoxo

One thought on “The Autumn Tag!

  1. jenn f says:

    all your food things here are aweseom! those pecan apples. still haven't made them but they look so good. and now that i think about it, i /do/ love a good chai latte from starbucks.. i haven't had one in ages though so i sort of forgot about chai lattes in general
    A Beautiful Zen


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