Quick Thursday Review: NARS The Multiples in Orgasm and Cannes

I have been very lax with my Quick Thursday Reviews, mainly because I’ve failed to realise that it’s getting darker earlier – so if I want to show you swatches, I need to get home early and get them done. That hasn’t happened, so this review hasn’t happened *le sigh*.

My last review was the NARS Multiple in Tuomota, which I love and can’t get enough of for contouring. The Multiples in Cannes and Orgasm are ‘blush’ sticks. Essentially a cream blush, in a stick form. You get 14g of product, which is a lot more that the >3g of product you get in say the Bourjois and MaxFactor Cream blushes. Sure the multiples cost £30 but for the amount you get… It doesn’t seem so bad?

I definitely don’t just use the multiples in the standard blush place. I use them to give my entire face a healthy look, which they work amazingly for. I also use them as a cream eyeshadow and as lipstick (ideal if you want to match your lips and cheeks as they are designed for this purpose)! 
Left: Cannes. Right: Orgasm.

Top: Orgasm. Bottom: Cannes.
Pros: stick form so very easy to use, very pigmented, easy to blend, shimmery in the perfect way, cream so looks more natural than powder, amazing staying power for a cream, whilst pigmented – easy to sheer out or build up, compact so ideal to travel with plus being multipurpose and gorgeous shade range.
Cons: expensive, if you do use it on your eyes (and they are in any way oily) it will slip (though I think it can look amazing even so), if you don’t like shimmer these are pretty shimmery(!) and can feel gritty on the lips.  
How I Use Them To Brighten My Face Up (using Cannes)

I initially swipe it on all the standard blush areas.
Blend it out and it looks like this – a bit more of an awake Fleur!
Then I go back and add more to the cheeks.
Again, I blend this out. Using my fingers mainly.
End result: A pretty a relatively natural looking flush!


I really like and enjoy using these and I think there is probably a shade everyone would get a lot of use out of. Do I think they are 100% worth the money? That’s a hard one but I’d have to go with yes as they are so nice and easy to use. Plus they are a lipstick, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow all in one product! Is it something I think you need to go out and buy tomorrow? No. Next time you are at a NARS counter though, give some a swatch and try them out on your face. 
Have you tried a Multiple? What are your thoughts?
Fleur xoxo

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