June 2013 Favourites!

I was an am utterly determined to share my favourites with you for June. Having missed out on sharing them with you for a while, I have a few outstanding products that I have been loving for a fair amount of time!

I’m going to start with my makeup bits. 
The Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Sun Shine may well be my favourite bronzed ever. Sure, it does have a fair amount of gold shimmer in it, so it definitely isn’t suitable for contouring. The colour is ideal for looking naturally bronzed though. I use this to powder.. Well… Most of my face and neck actually. Everywhere the sun would hit. Somehow it works in a way that even NARS Laguna doesn’t seem to for me. 
Bourjois Cream Blush in Nude Velvet is a gorgeous cream blush, I recently reviewed it here. The colour just wakes my entire face up and is so pretty. Perhaps not the most natural when I pile it on how I like it but its so gorgeous I can’t help myself. I’ve worn this every single day since I’ve bought it. 
The Soap&Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil combo is surprisingly good. I like both parts and together it gives a very natural effect. I always prefer using a pencil to fill my brows than a powder because frankly it’s so much quicker. The tint gives you the ability to ‘add hairs’ where you may not have any. 
The Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Light has become my go to concealer, replacing the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my heart 😉 it is perfect for under the eyes (where I need it most) as well as on any red patches. It sits well under the eyes too which is perfect
Sally Hansen’s Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener has been amazing. This has made it possible for me to wear nail varnish a whole lot more than I used to and my nails feel so strong. They have also stopped splitting as much even with my job constantly trying to ruin them! I don’t have many others to compare it to but it definitely surpasses the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Base Coat. 
The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh I just had to buy. I had the Dreams Unlimited Body Butter a while back and couldn’t stop dreaming of the scent, it’s just amazing to me. This is a lighter, fresher version and I can’t stop spritzing myself with it. I can see myself using it up very quickly! 
The Sleek iDivine Ultra Matte Brights is an amazing palette. Insanely pigmented, easy to blend and frankly perfect if you want to dip your toes into the world of brights without breaking the bank. 
I use the San Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion instead of foundation to really give my face a bit more colour. It does mean my face is a little more shiny than it might otherwise be, as it is also moisturising but I really like the effect it gives. It certainly makes faking it easy. The only problem I have encountered is if you blob it on your skin then go back to rub it in – you’ll be left with deep brown blotches! So don’t do that.
For an everyday general glow, I use the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. This is ridiculously easy to use, almost impossible to mess up and gives the perfect amount of colour for every day. Sure, there are times when it just isn’t enough but when I’m not wanting to try and change my ethnicity, its ideal. 
Finally, a relatively long standing favourite, Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion in Fair to Normal Skin. It has come back out now more of my limbs are on show and I still love it. I tried out and rated a whole range of gradual tanning body lotions last year and for the cheaper end of the spectrum this was head and shoulders above the competition. It is moisturising, gives a great colour, doesn’t smell too bad and never seems to streak on me. If you want to check out my comparison of all the ones I’ve tried, check here
My random favourites are these mugs from Waitrose. They cost £5, fit the ideal amount of tea, are lovely to drink from and well… Look how cute they are! Whilst we are here, the tray in the background is also a bit of a fave, find it at IKEA 🙂

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful June and are loving the start to July. It has been a little bit of a heatwave here, so I’m getting to try out some really summery products! Ones that haven’t had any love for a very long time… Should mean my July favourites are exciting 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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