Quick Review Thursday: Bourjois Cream Blush

The Bourjois Cream Blush in Nude Velvet has been a highly rated product even since before it was released. There are loads of people who absolutely love these blushes and some who really rather hate them.  

The packaging is really neat; the colour matches the shade of the blush (amazingly well too, no shoddy colour matches here), it has a magnetic closure, a large (for the size of the product) mirror and  it is lightweight and slim. Most definitely a handbag friendly product. 
The swatches above show (top) a straight finger tip line and (bottom) a blended out line. When I was trying to remove these swatches it was pretty difficult. Sure, I was using a dry tissue but it was hard! I compared it to other blushes also removing using a dry tissue, it fared really well in comparison. 
It is a can be anything from a super subtle wash of peach, to a full on pop of opaque colour! It most definitely isn’t the ‘nude’ it advertises itself to be, it is very velvety though. I love it. I tend to go for a full on blush and then ‘tone it down’ by adding bronzer over the top, as I have done above. The peachy shade is so flattering on my skin tone, it wakes my whole face up. 
I find the formulation easy enough to work with. I take a tiny amount on my finger at a time and pat it into the skin and slowly build it up to the colour I want. 

It does set to a powder but I like that, I hate a sticky cream blush. This may not be ideal if you have dry skin though and you may well find it more difficult to work with on your skin before it sets. 

I also really like using this on my lips with a lipgloss over the top to add shine. Ideal for the matchy-matchy kind of look I enjoy from time to time. 
Perhaps not the shortest ‘Quick Thursday Review’ but I hope it’s been useful! 

Fleur xoxo


2 thoughts on “Quick Review Thursday: Bourjois Cream Blush

  1. Fleur says:

    It's honestly the easiest cream blush I've used and I've used a fair few now. It's so velvety and lovely, one you really can use a finger to apply. Xo


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