Lips Are For Lipstick #27: MAC Quite The Thing

MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks are insanely glossy an gorgeous, I think they are what I was expecting (and didn’t get) from the YSL Glossy Stains. They are really pigmented yet super glossy and gorgeous and not in any way sticky. This one in Quite The Thing is a gorgeous plum, a shade I am always drawn to and pulls a quite similar shade to MACs Rebel on my skintone. It also has a whole loa of glitter in it, perfect glitter though. The kind of glitter than is neither in your face or gritty. It somehow just makes my lips look beautifully plump and glossy without being obvious why. 
There are some downsides as with most glossy lipsticks, it will slip and slide. However, I apply, blot and reapply an this solves that problem and creates a stain. This also means after you eat, with the rim left around your mouth (if you’re anything like me) you can smush your lips together and bam, your lipstick is basically back and ready to go. Ideal. My mum tried this lipstick after I bought it and instantly went out and bought it. It is like Rebel for the strong, potentially difficult to wear lipstick haters who also hate the feel of lipgloss haha. That perfect in between. 

Another lipstick I love, sorry guys! I must have some I don’t right?… 

Fleur xoxo

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