Lips Are For Lipstick #21: Estée Lauder Amourose

Today’s lipstick is the very first lipstick I fell in love with, the lipstick I had to have regardless of the cost, the lipstick I am still in love with, the lipstick I wore to my school prom and the lipstick I can imagine if I get married I would choose. Sadly, I’m pretty sure it has been discontinued 😦 why oh why. 
The Estée Lauder Electric Intense LipCreme in 704 Amourose is gorgeous in every single sense. The scent is beeswax and I honestly don’t know why more lipsticks don’t have this scent because I find it heavenly. The packaging is sleek and even though I’ve had this lipstick 10 years it hasn’t really dated. 
Colour wise it is a rose pink but with orange tones underlying it – which works better with my skin tone. Anything with a blue undertone I find harder to pull off with lipstick! No shimmer just gorgeous, soft colour. It is easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to touch up. To me it is a cross between a MAC satin finish and a cremesheen finish, having the best bits of both! 
Overall a gorgeous lipstick, I think I need to trawl eBay and find myself a backup! 
Fleur xoxo

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