Lips Are For Lipstick #18: Revlon It Girl

The jury is still out on the Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in 060 It Girl as I only bought it on Saturday. However, so far I’m not in love but this may well be because my lips are having an allergic reaction to something. Not this lipstick as it happened before I tried this and it has not been exacerbated by using it.

The colour is one I like, not too dissimilar to shades I already have. It is a a light coral with a slight shimmer running through it of the same shade. To be honest it doesn’t swatch well on the back of the hand, yet some of the others from the range did – so I’m not sure why I chose this shade! Probably because I’m a sucker for coral… 
So my first opinions, it feels really sticky quite quickly, it is hard to apply so that it looks smooth, it goes patchy quite quickly plus it wasn’t the finish I was expecting from a ‘suede’ lipstick at all. However, the packaging is well thought out and I really like that, the colour is really pretty and I like that the shimmer is the same colour as the pigment. 
I’ll get back to you when I have made my mind up on this! I may well change my mind when my lips are back to normal 🙂
Fleur xoxo

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