Lips Are For Lipstick #15: Boots Natural Collection Pink Orchid

Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Pink Orchid is a gorgeous shade. It is a lipstick shade I have far too many dupes of, it’s obviously a shade I love because I’ve bought it again and again just from different brands with different formulas. It is a light pink with a lighter, shimmery pink running through it adding a beautiful sheen. Because of that sheen I can imagine it being beautiful on a whole variety of different skin tones, on blonde and fair it is certainly stunning. The base is a little bit pastel and it is really easy to pop on for a pretty every day pink.

This is a real budget buy yet it holds up well and is quite moisturising – ideal. It does show up any dry patches on the lips as most shimmery lipsticks will. I’d definitely recommend the Natural Collection lipsticks if you want to try out some new shades without spending much money, they are good quality an definitely wont break the bank! 
Fleur xoxo


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