Lips Are For Lipstick #14: Illamasqua Feisty

The Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Fiesty arrived in a glossybox and I fell in love. It is capable of being used on the eyes, lips, face and body though I think I will use mine predominantly on my lips! It is my (latest) perfect red and it has a slight orange undertone. Who knew?

I love how easy this is to apply, is it a beautifully soft, yet not smudgy or squishy, pencil. So you can literally trace around your lips, fill them in and you’re good to go! It isn’t a particularly drying formula which a lot of lip pencils are, yet it also stays put insanely well. Okay, it didn’t make it through a 3 course meal, or through eating a gigantic dominos pizza… Frankly, what would? Not much. Even then, because it is so easy to apply, it’s no bother to reapply after a meal or on the move. Even better it takes up hardly any space (and adds very little weight) in a bag! Am I in love? Most likely. Don’t worry though, I’m not the kind of person who would actually marry a lipstick 😛 
Fleur xoxo

P.S. Did I mention you actively have to try to get it onto you teeth? So no more dreaded worrying if you have lipstick on your teeth! 


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