Quick Review Thursday: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

MAC MSFN seems to be a bit of a love/hate product for a lot of people. For me, there are things I love about it and things I hate about it. I have the shade light, which is perfect for my skintone and I have almost used it all up – as you can see above! This has been my powder for the past 3 ish years, I’ve used it most days and its still going! 
This can give you really heavy cakey coverage if you go in with lots of it on a dense powder brush. If you do that – you’ll hate it. If you apply this again and again throughout the day without blotting, you’ll be a hot cakey mess. It is best applied using a fluffy powder or blush brush in light layers and building it up where you need it. 
I also like it applied with a makeup sponge in relatively heavy layers because it gives an insanely perfect finish. However, that might be great for having photographs taken – probably less so for real life. 
It is unscented, has no SPF or shimmer the packaging is pretty swish (though not ideal for travelling), it comes in a good range of shades – which you can be matched to, it is light feeling, doesn’t seem to catch in hairs causing you to look like you have a fluffy face, doesn’t break me out at all (potentially due to being a mineral powder), it gives beautiful coverage built up over concealer and will keep a spot hidden all day, you can use it with no foundation underneath easily and it will look great – I quite like to pair it with just a dab of concealer and best of all it lasts for ages, you won’t need to repurchase this every few months. 
So, there is always a downside to everything right? Well, it probably won’t keep your shine at bay, depending on your skin obviously. For me about half an average day… That’s not bad really! As I said above, it can be cakey if you’re heavy handed. The packaging is poor to useless for travelling – pop this in your handbag and expect to have it coated in powder. I tend to pack my makeup bag full so it is tightly clamped together, then am very careful when I open it as there will be loose powder on top. To me, it’s a small price to pay and I have travelled with it to many places. 
Overall, I really enjoy this product. I have bought the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to try next but from one whiff I can tell it is unlikely to be love :/ I will definitely be repurchasing the MAC MSFN as it is just gives me exactly what I want. Do give it a try instore and see if you like it on your skin. I didn’t think it would be worth the price but for me… It really is. At £21 for 10g it isn’t cheap but I used to go through cheaper powders every few months, not every few years…
Have you tried it? Are you a lover or a hater? 
Fleur xoxo


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