Lips Are For Lipstick #11: Illamasqua Blaze

Illamasqua’s Blaze lipstick is a bright, creamy, matte orange. Like any lipstick towards the matte side, it isn’t the easiest on the lips but it stays put and looks amazing. If you don’t have dry lips, matte lipsticks are quite wonderful. It isn’t a completely dry matte though, so it is still easy to apply straight from the bullet – again maybe if you have dry lips you won’t find it easy.

The lipstick seems to be scented like chocolate which I enjoy, it makes a change! The colour is insanely pigmented, which is awesome. If you want a bold orange lip, this could be the one for you. Oh and did I mention, Illamasqua packaging is so gorgeous? 
Fleur xoxo

Oh yeah, my FOTD just got a whole different level of interesting – I hope you like it! I can do a proper FOTD with more photos of this look (including some beautiful edits) if you like 🙂 F xo

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