Quick Review Thursday: Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

‘Mint chocolate (without the chip!) is what you get with this tasty sugar lip buffer.’

This is basically a tasty sugar and oil combo that you rub over your lips to give them a really good exfoliation. Yes, it is probably really easy to make yourself but it is quite nice to have the jojoba oil and the cute little pot and the lack of faff that goes with homemade beauty products sometimes. 
I used to use a baby toothbrush to scrub my lips and frankly, I did it a couple of times a year and hated it. In the end I binned the toothbrush and decided my lips didn’t need exfoliating. The thing is… They do. They look so much better with lipstick (in general) if they are nice and smooth. That only really comes with a good buff. 
This gets your lips all fresh without being painful, it’s super tasty and you get to lick it off (bonus), it’s really easy and because of the oil quite moisturising. I pair this with Lush’s Honey Trap lip balm for the perfect pre-lipstick prep and prime. 
I actually can’t think of a downside – bar the ‘yes, you can make it yourself quite easily’. If you like your lipstick, you’ll probably like this – quite apt this being my month of lipstick madness! 
Fleur xoxo


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