Quick Review Thursday: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I was bought this as a present by my mum a very long time ago, definitely longer than I should have kept it. Long enough for the packaging to have changed slightly I think! This is a product I see lots of people really liking and I know quite a lot of people who love it. 

This cuticle cream is packed full of some absolutely wonderful ingredients from almond oil to lemon peel oil! So it feels very nourishing and sinks in delightfully. It also definitely helps keep the cuticles looking soft and healthy. It starts off as a solid block but as you rub your finger over it, the oils start to melt and you can massage them into your cuticles. It smells really fresh and clean, very strongly lemon scented. If you don’t like the scent of lemon, you will hate this. 
The packaging is neat, easy to travel with, easy to pop in your handbag and durable. As a solid oil block it is also not going to spill and cause damage to anything. 
Now the things that bug me, that scent… I love the smell of lemons but I tend to put cuticle cream on last thing at night as that is when there is the most point in doing so. Lemon wakes me up… Argh! So, I thought I could use this during the day. Say if I was sat at my laptop – perfect right? Nope, it’s pretty sticky! Whilst this is perfectly fine at night when you aren’t touching anything it really isn’t during the day. I was leaving sticky finger marks on everything I touched and collecting dust and fabric fibres on my fingers. All I wanted to do was wash my hands. This is coming from the girl who regularly massages lip balm into her nails during the day and that doesn’t bother her at all. 
So, a great cuticle cream. It does work, it is nice, perfect packaging and the smell is gorgeous. However, if you can’t cope with the scent of lemon at night and can’t face sticky fingers during the day – you’ll be better off with something else! 
I will use mine up, mainly on days when I wake up at 5am and can’t sleep so spend a couple of hours in bed watching YouTube videos on my phone 😛 however, I will not be repurchasing it. If they have one in the same scent as the honey lip balm though..! 
Costs £5.99 from your local pharmacy / Burt’s Bees stockist 🙂 
Fleur xoxo


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